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Age 25
Gender Female
Status Married
Work stay at home wife/mom
Location Valdosta, Georgia
Interest Teaching, Mudding, Being with my husband, Being outside, Swimming.
Kids 18
ourweddingpics011.jpgMy husband an I were married June 16th, 2008. We are perfect for each other. He always knows how to make me smile on a bad day. An no matter whet I crave he always goes an gets it for me. We have a amazing daughter Haiyley together. She was born January 31st, 2009, two weeks early. She Daddy's girl an Mommy's world. We have a handsom son Seth. He was born July 2nd, 2010 at 38.6 weeks. He has taken over the house. Our Haiyley is very helpful an she is very protective of him. I couldn't ask for a more perfect family.


c459c075e588c213c952.pngnewpicsmayjunejuly095.jpg80beec56.jpgSeth Robert - 100% Breastfeed.
week 1- down
week 2- down
week 3- down
week 4- in progress