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I am a 31 year old pediatric home health care nurse. I married my bestfriend May 28, 2005. In March of 2008 I was diagnosed with celiac disease, an intolerance to gluten which is found in wheat, rye, and barley. I changed to a gluten free diet 3-31-08. I then had to postpone TTC until 6 mos after I changed my diet, to ensure I was healthy enough to sustain a pregnancy, we had wanted to TTC in June. Now I am just finding out all I can about TTC and charting so I have the greatest chance of concieving after we start trying in October! I have 10 nieces and nephews and many "nieces and nephews" from my friends! We have three fur babies, a 4 year old rottweiler Harley, and two cats Shadow and Gracie. Well we decided to get a head start on it and started TTC September '08! Wish us luck!

After 12 cycles with NFP and no BFP I had a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and tubal lavage July 24th '09. That was when I was diagnosed with severe stage IV endometriosis. My Dr says the next step is to induce menopause for 6 months with Lupron Depot injections, and then hope for the best. So it looks like I won't be getting my BFP for at least 9 months. Anyone with similar situations I would love to talk with you.DH and I have decided to continue trying with charting, temping, and OPK's until the new year. If no BFP then we will do the Lupron Depot injections. Well we did the Lupron Depot injections for 3 months ( January- March) and had such horrible side effects I had to stop taking it. I had hot flashes, night sweats, memory loss, daily migraines, and severe fatigue. AF came back in June and we started TTCing again, now with Clomid. Well we have decided to stop trying for a while and start concentrating on saving $$$ for IVF in a couple of years. Thanks for all the support. If you have any questions pm me or if you may have some ideas for me. thanks again!

As of December 2011 we quit "trying". We became foster parents and had a 3 year old girl for 6 weeks in summer 2012, and a 3 year old boy for 4 weeks fall 2012. In February 2013 we found out we were expecting!!! we had completely given up and were trying to foster to adopt thru our local county. I was 11 days late before taking a test, at my Dh insistance, since I knew it was going to be BFN like all the times before, but it turned positive before the control line even showed up! we had a us for dates at 6 weeks, looked good had good hb in the 150's. 4/2/13 we had OB appt, heard hb in 150's, i am now 13 weeks and doing great! i never thought I would be able to have this amazing experience! i feel so blessed and that this is a true miracle! we are still planning to do foster to adopt as this will more than likely be my only bio child due to severe migraines daily thru this prgnancy thus far....but never say never!
On September 23, 2013 at 8:02am we welcomed Declan Aaron Gordon into the world! He was a healthy 6# 2oz and 18inches long. We can't be any more excited!! It has been such a great and overwhelming experience. Birth was a little eventful to say the least! I was in labor stuck at 2cm and 80% for 11 days!! I had my labor stopped at 36 weeks but continued having contractions that were "text book", timeable, and occuring for at least 12 hrs each day, until my delivery. I was sent home from the hospital 2 times after stopping my labor because eventhough I was in labor i wasn't "progressing". Frustrated and in pain after taking my second daily bath (soaking for the pain) I took my Ambien, half a vicodin and a flexeril (all approved and/or prescribed by my OB) thinking I would try to get some sleep. Convinced that I would have to have my water break to convince the hospital I was ready to have the baby. Little did I know my water was going to break at 12:45am. My DH was at work, so I called him and he came home to get me and take me to the hospital. I was not ready for the amount of water that came out! I changed my pants 3 times before I realized it wasn't going to stop and we better just go. We got to the L&D room at 2am and I was dilated to 5cm. After that it is all very hazy. Due to the Ambien I have very little memories of the labor and delivery. The ones I do have are very sporadic and choppy. I labored with horrible back labor for 4 hours before I got an epidural, I was then dilated 8-9cm. After another hour of labor wanting to push the whole time I was finally dilated to 10cm, I pushed for an hour (acording to DH). I tore and had an episiotomy (3rd degree) and finally our little man arrived Sunny Side Up!! So I really was in labor for 12 days, he was stuck on my pubic bone. Poor thing had a lot of facial bruising and a crooked nose from his journey. He was well worth the wait and all the pain, but I am kinda glad I don't remember all the pain! Wish I had a few more memories of the actual delivery, but I am just glad he is here and healthy. We are the luckiest parents in the world to have this little miracle!!