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Age 28
Gender Female
Status Married
Work stay-at-home-mommy!
Location Conway, Missouri
Interest Twilight books! Facebook, American Idol, Jeremy, Jayna and Joycie Dill (and Amy Louise too)
Kids 50
Due Dec 04, 2012
I'm 26 years old, am married to my high school sweetheart, and we have an almost seven year old princess/drama queen named Jayna, and Joycie, who turned 3 in April. We have had quite a rough past year (2011), with three miscarriages, one of which caused me to have some life-threatening health problems (Five trips to the ER in 6 days!) , but I'm back on my feet and everything is looking good for this pregnancy (due Dec. 5 2012!)! I just rolled into the second trimester, and I absolutely can-NOT wait to meet this baby! (and yes, he or she will have a "J" name! We can't have Jeremy, Jenni, Jayna, Joycie, and Bob... It just wouldn't be right! :wink: )
My best friends are my sister-in-laws - my husband's two sisters and my brother's wife! I can't imagine my life without them!
We are country people, we live in a small town where everyone knows everyone. I love to yard sale, scrapbook, bake cakes (and eat them too!) , facebook for hours, and watch lots of TV! My favorite shows are GLEE, Raising Hope, 19 Kids and Counting, New Girl, and anything on HGTV.
I love my family so much and would do anything for them!
I love Jesus Christ and the USA (though I don't love the current president), and am so proud of all our men and women overseas and in the states taking care of things that I wouldn't know the first thing about. Great job troops, you are true heroes!
If you want to know anything else, just ask! Be warned, though, I don't quite have this thing figured out and may not know how to "talk" to you very well. Don't be offended, I'm just a technological-idiot.