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153s28g_th.jpgI will wreck your thread. srs.

I go on better vacations than you:
I haz friends:
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I hold grudges:
My love note to Jill:
You deleted your profile because you know you should be ashamed

You stated that the mom of an autistic child should quit her "woe is me" act, and then suggested that some dude who gave his son away was actually a better parent than she.

You were clearly never that much of a friend to begin with.

In case anyone needed proof that Laurie is a bad mommy:
185614_10150149782006413_606101412_86709197091_557586600570_74903572_32083423_26You look at my profile:



I am sarcastic, immature, hot-headed, and a know it all.
I am a great mom, fiercely loyal to my friends, and I will make you laugh.