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I see people for who they are and not what they are or where they come from. If you have an issue with the color of people skin or their origin of birth then there is something wrong with you.
Harmony Onyinyechi (gift from God) came in to my life on 8-22-2004. I had a easy vaginal delivery without the need of any stitches.

My sonwas born on 04-17-09, we named him Malachi Chinedu (God is guiding), and the delivery was also a easy vaginal delivery, however, the pregnancy this round was a little difficult.
Well hell, anything else you want to know... just ask!


l_ad08fea0843441388982b26b71946288.gifcmm-1.jpg?t=1253849118Yes, Even though I live in Texas, I was born and Raised in Baltimore, MD. I relocated with my husband and daughter in March of 2008.