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My name is Tisa, i am 20. I have a condition called Chiari malformation 1. I had decompression surgery in January 2010. It was hell. I am going to enroll back into college to get my lpn in the fall. I am engaged to the most amaing man, and we are TTC. I have a great little man who is 3. my son was born march 6th 2009. his name is owen paul. he is my angel and savior! i love him with all that i am. :) He has made my world so much better! He is super intelligent and makes me laugh so much. Being a mommy is the best thing to ever happen to me.


Owen Paul update:He is so so smart. he is very very advanced and by passing kids his age by a long shot. [in size and smarts!] He wears a 5t, size 10 shoe, and weighs 45 pounds. Most people start to say oh your kid is overweight.. yes, yes he is.. but he is happy and perfectly healthy according to his doctors. Aside from his heart murmur he was born with. At first it was terrifying but now it's just one of our check-up appointments and should be done with them by the time he is 18. He counts and says his abc's. He knows a lot of his colors. He knows every animal sound. But refuses to use the big boy potty. =/

Update: My little man is HUGE! 7t clothes and 12 shoes! He knows so much! He is always telling me about the different types of birds and insects, he is such a nature boy. I love it. Healthy as can be, nothing slows this kid down. We are finally potty trained, for the most part. Still have the occasional accidents, ya know how busy playing can be!

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