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i used to be the site admin, capable of banning trolls, creepers, spam & duplicate accounts, but i've passed my illustrious ban-hammer to the oh-so lovely jenn.

i'm max's & mias mama...

what was only briefly and summarily glossed over in my college education was birth and the fourth trimester or the most harrowing part of new motherhood, infancy and breastfeeding, has since become a political passion of mine.

labor and birth are one of the final frontiers for women to fight for the right to bodily autonomy, respect and more than medical pseudoscience which ignores the wisdom of our own bodies and the long-term impact of the choices we make during pregnancy and infancy on our children's health and well-being - even into adulthood.

i'm also very interested in gender politics and trying to find realistic ways to create a more supportive environment for all parents (from teenagers to single mothers of six kids) to be able to educate themselves, as well as work, and raise their children to be happy, responsible, and healthy members of our planet.