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Gender Female
Status Married
Location Virginia
Kids 2

Mom to 2 amazing boys.
Wife to a kick ass man.
Love knitting,crochet, and scrapbooking.
Love photography.
I see people for who they are.
I'm honest.
I'm blunt.
I love tattoos and being tattooed.
Love piercings and being pierced.

My parenting
We cloth diaper.
I babywear :)
We ERF (Extend Rear Face!)
I believe in natural methods of dealing with my sons autism such as lavender for sleep and an amber necklace.
I don't believe in CIO.
People would describe my parenting style as attached parenting.
I had true medical reasons for not breast feeding and it killed me.
I delay solids.
We are going to start homeschooling my oldest in September.
I believe a kid needs go outside regularly to stay healthy.
We vaccinate.
Both my boys are circumsized.
I will teach them to accept everyone regardless of any differences.
I don't rush them to the doctor for every little thing.
I believe in letting them make messes you are only young once!

Me and my love
The stats.
We are high school sweethearts.
Married 5 years.
Together 7.
Still madly in love to this day.
Have over came many struggles that have just made us stronger!

The brats :)

Dominick Matthew
Born:May 12th 2007.
7 lbs 13 oz
21 1/2 inches long.
2 weeks overdue induced for 3 days. ended up with c-section.
At birth:252254_10150210232229017_585784016_72528

Now at 4:

He is such an amazing boy!
He is sweet, loving caring, tough, yet soft, and thinks he is going on 20.
This is a moment that happend a while ago and sums him up perfectly. We explained to him that his brother had autism and what it was he replied "Its ok momma I will teach him" and he tries! He says words over and over to him never getting discouraged!
Soccer is his passion in life at the moment!

Gabriel Ray
Born:November 17th 2009
7 lbs even
19 inches long
5 weeks early due to hyperemesis starting to cause organ failure



He is just perfect.
He has autism,porportional dwarfism, sleep apena, and possible chromosome duplication.
Even with all this he just simply amazes me.
He only says one word and thats bear.
He hasn't had any growth in a year.
I wouldn't change one thing about him even though he doesn't smile often when he does it lights up a room.
His current joy in life is water. He loves it and it just calms him.

I have been here since 2007 and apparently posted in a counting thread once so I got reset? Ah well such is life.

You are more than welcome to ask me about

-HG hyperemsis
-cloth diapering
-delaying solids