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I'm Mallory, I'm married to a wonderful man in the Navy and we are expecting our first child together. :)

Sept 30- Took first HPT, faint second line. Made doctor's appointment for tomorrow. b**bs are sore, fatigued for the past few days.

Oct 1-Took second HPT, still prego! Went to doctor and peed in a cup, and (surprisingly) same results! I am exactly 5 weeks. Due on June 2nd. Puked for the first time tonight. :(

Oct 23-Yay morning sickness....

Oct 27-First ultrasound! Saw Bean's tiny little heartbeat on the screen. So awesome! Got an official due date, June 5th!

Nov 24-Second Appointment. Bean's little heartbeat was at 157bpm. I'm finally past the 12 week mark! Goodbye morning sickness, hello heartburn and the constant feeling of being out of breath!

Dec 14-Felt Bean move for the first time! Kicked me 4 times. :)