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Age 36
Gender Female
Status Married
Work FT Banker/Photographer
Location Lake Stevens, Washington
Interest Scrapbooking, Snowboarding, Get-2-gethers, knitting, dancing
Kids 18
Due Dec 08, 2013 (girl)

My name is Linda and I have been married over 8 yrs to a wonderful man. He is a very good husband. We suffered a miscarriage in Nov 08. On 01/25/09 Got my BFP!!!! Looks like our 2009 Miracle is beginning to grow. In less than 4 1/2 hours of labor & delivery I gave birth to my son, Casen Kaleo. I got half an epi at 9cm! It was an awesome delivery, can't wait to do it again! :D SO happy. Baby #2 Kieron's labor was only 1hr40min beg-end! all natural. it was amazing!! :) now Baby #3 is on the way, a little girl. Feeling blessed.

Convieving time frame
Pregnancy #1 1st month trying
Pregnancy #2 1st month trying
Pregnancy #3 1st month trying
Pregnancy #4 2nd month trying

01/21/09~ BFN! husband was convinced I was so I took it.
01/23/09~ BFN! husband was still convince I was so I took another....
01/25/09~ BFP!husband knew I was and was right!!! Beginning weight 97 lbs :lol:
01/27/09~ Blood work came back with good numbers
01/29/09~ Going in for my second round of bloodwork.
01/30/09~My numbers are great!!! At first I was a bit scared but when the results came back, it was really good. Don't need to get anymore bloodwork done until I see my doc on Feb 12!! So excited, I will possibly get to hear the heartbeat!!
02/12/09~ Had my ultrasound and the baby's heart beat looked good! Did not hear the heartbeat at all. My lil bean is a tiny one :wink:
3/2/09 ~ Went in to get the big blood draw. It wasn't so bad.
3/13/09~ Going in to hear the heartbeat. Did not get an ultrasound :cry: but the heartbeat is at a whopping 160bpm!!! Amazed. :o Still no baby bump. *content*
3/25/09~Baby looked good! Moved around a lot during the ultrasound. Had tears in my eyes. The baby's heartbeat is at 164 bpm!!! Baby looks amazing!!! Still not showing but a bit fluffy around my mid center. hehe
3/27/09~ My 1st day of Month 4!!! Can't beleive it!!! hehe SO exciting.
*starting feeling the baby around 14 weeks, weird but cool*
4/27/09 feeling the baby move A LOT!!! Very active, woke me up two times from my nap. I had to drink water, thinking maybe the baby was thirsty. hehe
4/28/09 baby is playing sports in there! SO active! :P hehe. It's nice to see it has so much energy! My appetite is SO big!! Eating SO much food. :shock: It's like I haven't eaten in a whole day, every 2 hours!! hehe

5/1/09 Seeing a nurse practitioner. 18 weeks today! :o Baby is doing good:!: great heartbeat :!: uterus is perfect for its size :!: and I am feeling great :!: :!:
5/2/09`Gained some weight, very happy. Belly is starting to show slowly. Got a pregnancy comment from a stranger yesterday with my clothes on:!: hehe. My bump is still very small and unnoticeable with clothes on. hehe
5/6/09 tick, tock.... 5 days left...
5/11/09 Baby Boy or Girl??? I am back!!! Most importantly we are having a healthy baby! ♥ and the gender is team "blue" :D We are truly feeling blessed. Baby: 10oz
5/11/09 Fell at work, pretty hard. Did not hit my belly but was shaken up by it.
5/12/09 Started with back pain and then lower abdominal cramping. Admitted to the WRONG hospital (hehe, my hubby was driving), just monitored me for a bit and was released.
5/13/09 Sharp lower left abdominal pain so went in to have yet another full ultrasound to make sure all is well. My baby is doing good! (I am still terrified!!!) and the placenta was good and so was the size of my uterus! So based on the ultrasound, baby is perfectly good!! AND that is all I care about right now. I can handle the pain as long as my baby is healthy and good. Went to work and was in horrible pain! Went home and called doc, nurse called me back and put me on bed rest so here I am in my bed resting. The pain has gone down considerably. It felt like my appendix had burst!! Taking it easy, eating pizza so I don't lose weight and drinking lots of water and of course 2 tylenol every 4 hrs!! Please send all our prayers my way. Love all you BG girls!

5/15/09 20 weeks today!!! YAY! half way there!!
6/02/09~Shouldn't I be gaining a pound a week? I think I might be eating way too much OR maybe I just need to get out and walk! haha.
6/05/09~So it's been SO hot where I am at, every night I swell up like a mini sumo! 23w~106.2lbs. I have just been a bit w/o an appetite since my mom left back home...
6/22/09~If I remember correctly. Went to AZ for the weekend to visit my BFF and ate oh-so-much-too-much food!!! :oops: but it was really good food!!! :o
6/25/09~Gained 4 lbs in a month! on PERFECT Track. Baby is good! Moves a lot and doc said I am doing perfect in my pregnancy!! :) YAY!
7/3/9~ Happy Third Trimester!!! yay!!! :D Couldn't be happier!!!

10 Reasons why you'll want to breastfeed:
~It's simple and quick (no bottles, measuring or mixing!).
~It protects your baby from diseases, viruses, stomach pain, and infections, and lowers their risk of allergies and asthma.
~Your milk contains oxytocin - the "love hormone", which helps you and your baby bond with one another.
~It also contains over 400 vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins NOT present in any formula out there.
~Breastfed babies have higher IQs. (The longer you breastfeed, the higher the IQ of the child.)
~It's custom-tailored specifically to your child's nutrition and immunity needs.
~It protects your baby against SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
~It burns about 500 extra calories a day for YOU. Breastfeeding = quicker postpartum weight loss!
~It contains special brain-promoting proteins and fats not found in any formula out there.
~It's 100% free (well, pumps and nursing bras aren't, but they're still cheaper than a year's worth of formula).

My accomplishments:

*I successfully and proudly breastfed Casen until he was almost 14m. I stopped as soon as I got pregnant with baby #2. It was the best experience ever. It was an amazing bond and I can't wait to do it again with my second baby if possible :)

Kieron Reed

Nov 2010~ 1st mo TTC Beginning weight is the same as my 1st pregnancy
Nov 20~ BFN
Nov 24~BFP
Thanksgiving~ Announced to family that we were expecting 2nd bundle of joy! SO excited!
Dec 4~ Ruptured cyst next to Ovary. Bled.
Dec 5~ ER, blood test, scan, ultrasound
Dec 6~ Bled
Dec 7~light spotting, second set of bloodwork
Dec 15~ Bled. ER, got ultrasound and good heartbeat 120+ bpm
Dec 18~ Bled
Dec 24~ Bled
Dec 25~ Continuos spotting all day
Jan 14th~ Ultrasound :D Baby's heartbeat almost 170bpm!
Jan 16th~Went to Dominican Republic to celebrate 6 yrs of marriage and enjoy this babymoon! was able to feel baby move. I know it's early but it was pretty cool!
Jan 26th~OB appt. 152hbm. I am predicting Girl! hehe. Finally off Pelvic Rest!! ;)
Feb 23rd~ Officially 17 weeks and felt baby move on the outside. It was So exciting :o Slipped and fell on stairs.
Feb 24th~Got checked due to fall, all is ok.
19.5wks~gained 9lbs.
Feb 28th~OB appt 150hbp
20weeks~ baby weighs 30% more than Casen did at this stage! *scared*
Mar 29th~OB appt
23wks~gained 11lbs
25wks~gained 13lbs
27.5wks~sciatica is sooo bothering me, contacting Physical Therapist on Monday, this is week 4 with it slowly getting worst and worst.
28wks~gained 15.8lbs
@7months this baby is much stronger than Casen was at 9month preg. :)
31.5wks~114 lbs

officially exhausted and a bit uncomfortable... :oops:
39w1d~ ultrasound shows baby at 8lbs5oz!!
39w4d~ Kieron was born! at 7lbs 9oz.
*10 days pp I was able to put my regular pants on!!! :D
10 days and he gained 2.5lbs! He is a growing little boy :)
*4 mo after Kieron was born I was back to my pre pregnancy weight, no dieting nor exercise involved, zero!!!! :D:D:D
*Stopped breastfeeding Kieron at 16mo's.


Starting weight 98lbs. Due date 12/11/13
Went to Hawaii, conceived there :) BFP on Easter!!! couldn't be happier!!
5w~bled 5w5d~SO tired!!
6w6d ultrasound, 139bpm! due date changed by a day because baby is measuring big.
May 31, 2013. 12w2d ultrasound, do we truly know sex of the baby? ;) tech told us what he thinks we are having. Due date changed by another day as baby is measuring bigger! lol! no small babies for this petite chica ;) My due date is now officially Dec 9th,2013

June 1st, 2013. 12w4d 101lbs feeling baby move already! So far this pregnancy has been the easiest!!
June 11th, 2013. 14w1d 101lbs
June 27th, 2013 16w3d 155bpm
June 27th, 2013 Hospital visit, accident with my belly and my 1yr old...baby is okay though. Tech gave us her guess as to what the gender of baby is :) Baby measuring a week bigger EDD Dec 4th. OB isn't changing my due date again.
July 19th, 2013. Felt baby move outside of belly :) wasn't even trying or expecting, just resting my arm and boom, felt her :)
July 22nd, 20 weeks 107lbs
July 23rd, 20w1d Baby GIRL! She is measuring 80th percentile! 13oz. EDD Dec 4th.
July 24th, 20w2d 145bpm
22weeksish. Finally the nausea is mostly gone :)
July 23rd,24w4d. 110 lbs
Sep 16, 28w 113lbs
Oct 1, 30w1d 114lbs
Oct 14th, 32w 115lbs 140bpm :)
Oct 30th 34w2d 117lbs
Nov 3rd, 34w6d bled a lot in the am, went to L&D. More than 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. Contracting every 2 min. Given a shot to stop contractioins altogether. Supposed to be resting so I don't go into preterm labor. Only 2 weeks till fully baked. I pray she stays put for at least 2 more weeks :)

36w6d lost mucus plug

37w3d 120lbsDec 3rd.

38w ultrasound. Baby is measuring 62 percentile in utero.

39w1d. 120lbs last OB appt. Dilated 2.5 cm, effaced 70%. Just waiting. Scheduled induction Dec 11th IF she doesn't arrive on her own. I hope she arrives on her own. 145bpm. Baby

Dec 4th. I started to feel weird in the am. wasn't sure if it was labor since I have never gone into labor on my own. Dropped kids off at my sis in laws and headed to hospital. Turns out it was real labor, hubby was speeding on the way there and we made it with 6 minutes to spare!!! Aspen was born 6 minutes after arriving at hospital. Total labor was less than an hour, crazy fast! Due date was supposed to have been Dec 8th.

8mo. Mastitis once again. (8/10/14) This is my 4th time with Aspen. Also had it 4 times with Kieron. Blessed with too much milk.