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Age 26
Gender Female
Status Single
Location Manitoba
Interest My daughter
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I like Art. Learning. Heavy Metal. Tattoos & Peircings. Walking & Adventures! The Beach! Bon Fires &...more stuff. I'm Random. Odd. Blunt. Optimistic. Determined. Feisty. Moody. Creative.


Please, only parentank me if you have actually spoken to me...or if you feel you can relate just gimme a shout :) and maybe we cant talk. Thanks!


My spacebar is a peice of crap...if I type like a moron, thats why. I NEVER go back to check for typos in threads. I'm sorry..but I dont have the patience. No I'm not stupid...I write third year university papers alllll the time..thats probly actually why I never check anything here...efforrrrt. pro-choice.jpgmeheros.jpgdevil_horns.jpg