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Well my name is Kriste and I'm 24. I had my baby boy on June 2, 2009!!! Kristopher was the first baby I ever held or changed but now it seems like I've done it forever. I love my lil guy more then anything! In November of 2010 I was blessed with a baby girl, Katherine. I love her so much <3 I'm a full time mom, I work and also go to school full time. I'm an over achiever! haha

Kristopher was a C section and Katherine was VBAC!!! :) My next will be another vaginal birth, hopefully water birth!!!

Tummy baby due to enter my world some time in july.
November: Found out I was excpecting again the day of my daughters second birthday party. Very nervous to be bringing another baby into this crazy world. CW220

December: Had my first doctor apt. and they couldnt find a hb but I already had an U/S so they werent worried. Since I had scarring from my first delivery they said that could effect hearing the HB. First they said I was due around the 10th then it got changed to the 23rd. I think Im due earlier, we shall see. CW210

January: Broke up with my kids father again, cant keep up with his crazy bullshit. Stressing out about everything but I'm sure I'll be okay. CW 198

February: Well I can already feel tummy kicking the crap out of me. Random hard kicks. Nothing feels better then knowing tummy is safe. I also decide to start a relationship with a guy I was friends with/seeing over the summer. He was curious if tummy was his, but of course not. We get along great and my other children love him too. On Feb. 27th I have my monthy apt were I'm hoping I havent lost any more weight. I also have my gender ultrasound right before. I think it's a girl and so does almost everyone else, so we will see! :)

GIRLflashy.gifMarch: found out I was pregnant.... had my first ultra sound found out I was due Nov. 14th.... went to the doctor and now they say the 15th. CW: 215

April: broke up with the father... had some bleeding and thought I was miscarrying went to the hosp. everything was okay :) went for my second apt. and heard my lo's heartbeat, they said I lost too much weight so I need to eat more haha

May: got to hear the lo's heartbeat again and found out I had a bladder infection, plus I was really dehydrated, and I lost too much weight again. I went for an ultra sound because of cramping but everything looked okay and they said it was either just from the infection or because of my uterus growing... CW:190

June: Well I finally gained a pound back and I've been trying to eat better. At least I can stay away from caf. and alcohol. I smoked half a cig. the other day, but one won't kill me. I go for my my gender screen on the 30th.
Mid/June I'm starting to show a bit now and my stomach is finally hard. :) I planed two more ultra sounds, the one is a gender check and heartbeat and everything, with a lot of cool images. I'm actually going for that TODAY (june 23), then the other one will be in mid august and I will get all my 3/4D pics. Im super excited to find out what I'm having later today. I really want a girl, and thats what I think Im having but I will be happy with a boy as well. Before my ultrasound today I have my monthly check up! :)

So my monthly check up was good didnt gain any weight but stayed the same at least. Heart beat was good like 160's and everything went well. I talked to the doctor more about Vbac and I think Im def. going with that!
Then I went for my U/S and Marcus wasnt able to go so I was really disapointed. My mom and Kristopher came with me. I am having a girl! Let me tell you that girl is dramatic, she had her hand over her face and layed face down most of the time. They still were able to get about 20 shots. After my long ride home I shared the pics with Marcus and we talked about names. We both like Gabriella but no one else seems to... :(

JULY: I havent gone to the drs. this month yet and no infections or anything, so thats good. Babygirl keeps kicking up a storm. She's so active nothing like how Kristopher was. Marcus and I are barely talking and it dosnt seem that he will be at my U/S or that he cares of her name anymore. I guess I just need to realize this is MY baby. :) I wonder if he will decide to be there when she is born.... My next apt. is on the 20th and I plan to tell the dr. my plans to def. do a vaginal birth :) Hopefully everything is good and I gain some weight.
Well I had my July apt. and I gained like 6 more lbs or maybe it was 5. So now I am -12 only. The Dr. said the Ultrasound was okay even though the tec was dumb so I dont need another one :( I would rather have another one and confirm the sex and be 100% sure the spine and everything is good. I told the Dr. I was going to do a vaginal birth and he was fine with it. He said I was a great canidate! :) He told me the 2/5 drs. there who wont be thrilled to let me... but oh well its still my choice. The HB was good and so was the urine and my bp and all that fun shit. I also got papers to go for diabetes sugar test! YUCK! Other then that not much changed. Im getting HUGE and Marcus and I are speaking again I guess. I decided the baby is def. Kaeyln but still not sure of a middle name for her!

AUGUST: Well I went for my 1 hour glucose test today so Im waiting to see if I passed.... Hopefully finding out tom. then it two weeks I go for my monthly check up. I've been feeling really weird lately, but not like pre-e weird. My BP has been good but baby is just moving a lot and hurting and stuff. Today I def. had some BH contractions... Hopefully I can get through my work day tomorrow!

So I passed my Glucose test. 114. :) yay
Went to L&D last night because for the last week or so I have been having lots of pain... I had an ultrasound and they couldnt tell the sex but everything looked fine. Come to find out I have low iron and the pain was being caused by the scar tissue from my Csection.

8-18 had my monthly apt. which apparently Im going to 2 weeks already!! WOW Everything was good hb in the 140's and NO protein in my urine so NO pre-e at least yet. The Dr. said now they will let me go to 40 weeks and then at 41 weeks they will plan a csection for me... :(
I also had my 3d/4d ultra sound on the 14th but I wasnt too happy with the pictures I got... :( Marcus and I have decided on a def. name now :) Kaelyn Alyssa McGregor <3

Marcus and I aren't speaking again, so I think this time I'm done. He wont be there for the birth. I told Kristophers father he could come to the hospital if he wants. He is hoping the baby is his, and then I guess if she is he wants to get back together.
I was having a lot of pain this month so far but everything is looking good and HB is good. Gained 2 more pounds in the last 2 weeks, but the DR. said that was good! Baby girl is pushing real hard like she wants to come out! haha Work still has no clue I'm pregnant either... and my baby shower is set for OCT. 16th :)

Finally had my baby on the 14th. Natural VBAC! :) Go me. Katherine Amelia <3
Birth story- ask me! :)


My Birth plan for Katherine!

My delivery is planed as a Vbac.
I do not want pitocin or anything else to bring on contractions
I do not want to be offered an Epidural, if I want one I