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Interest my amazing lil man :) & my new bun in the oven <3
Kids 33
Due Jun 13, 2014

<3 Dear Husband <3
So I met this guy a couple of weeks after I turned 19 almost 6 years ago. Yeah now he is my husband <3 I LOVE HIM! I have been together nearly 6 years & have been married for a little over a year now <3 12.05.11 <3

<3 My Life <3
My life are my 3 babies!

Baby #1:
An amazing 3 (almost 4) year old little boy who turned my world upside down. DH & I were truly blessed with such a great kid! LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART 03.29.09 <3

Baby #2:
Our first angel baby :( We got our BFP in June 2011....miscarried 08.08.11 by far the worst feeling ever to be told your baby is gone. My angel....ALWAYS LOVED! NEVER FORGOTTEN!!! <3

Baby #3:
Our second angel baby :( once was bad enough but twice in a row </3 makes me hesitant to get pregnant. Got our BFP in August 2012 & then miscarried on 09.16.12 ALWAYS LOVED! NEVER FORGOTTEN!!! <3