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I'm Melissa. I am a Mommy two 2 awesome kids, and a full time nursing student.

Kyle is 5 and Kailyn is 3.

I've been a BG member since July 13, 2007. I was a big time lurker for quite a while, and I try to only post in threads if I have something useful to add. I also disappeared for a while after Ihad my daughter.

I joined BG when I first found out I was pregnant with Kailyn. My pregnancy with her had A LOT of complications. Besides my UTI's which I only get when I'm pregnant, I was hospitalized 3 times for kidney stones, including a 3 day stay starting Christmas morning. I also had to take a low dose of antibiotics everyday for the last 3 1/2 months of my pregnancy to control my UTIs.

Worse than all of that though, were Kailyn's complications. At my anatomy ultrasound at around 18 weeks, the doctor told me he could not find her Corpus Callosum in her brain, and she had a Dangling Choroid Plexus because of it. I had an amnio, which came back normal, and a fetal MRI which came back inconclusive, due to her position in my tummy. I was given the option to terminate the pregnancy many times. I continued having weekly ultrasounds and soon 3 of the 4 ventricles in her brain were dilating. She had Ventriculomegaly and Colpocephaly. Again, termination was offered many times. The specialists couldn't tell me what would happen when she was born. I was told she could be born severely mentally handicapped, have continuous seizures, and not survive long. Or maybe she would have moderate mental handicaps and controllable seizures. I had weekly ultrasounds for the duration of my pregnancy. I had planned a VBAC, but since the doctors weren't sure how Kailyn would tolerate labor and a vaginal birth, we decided to schedule a c-section. At my last ultrasound a week before my c-section, Kailyns brain looked completely normal. The swelling was gone, and the doctor could see 90% of her Corpus Callosum. He could not explain what he was seeing. I was tentatively hopeful, but after spending so many months worrying, I could not feel relieved until she was here. I went into labor the day of my scheduled c-section. My water broke about 1/2 hour before I was taken into surgery. She came out and was so tiny and perfect. She was taken to the NICU for tests and observation. Kailyn had an ultrasound of her brain, an MRI and a CAT Scan. They all came back completely normal. There was no dialtion in her brain, and all of her Corpus Callosum was there. After 5 days in the NICU, I got to bring her home. She has no handicaps, or trouble with her brain. No seizures, nothing. She is a miracle, I believe in the power of prayer. I reached out to all my family and friends, and they reached out to their family and friends, and so on. Prayer groups all over the country were praying for her. That is my only explanation for her being here today, completely perfect.

I realize that's a long story, but 5 women have found me on BG experiencing similar problems with their LOs while pregnant. After hours of googling, they came across my topic here when Kailyn was first diagnosed. I helped them and talked to them as much as I could. I wish I had been able to find someone that had been there when I was going through this.

Anything else you want to know, just ask :)