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I have a 3 1/2 year old now, and expecting another that is due within the same week of my first. We are super excited.


((My Fiance and I are expecting a little boy soon, his name will be Gabriel Cain. We are very excited. I am happy, I love my friends and family who support me through this.

**not finished with profile yet! Have to grab my baby book some other time with more details to add**

-- Sep 3rd 2008 ~ First Ultrasound, It was the most amazing thing ever, I could not stop smiling the whole time. =] I found out it was a boy even though it was hard to get him to show the goods. I wanted a little girl, but we are so happy with our little man. =] I told my fiance over the phone we have to start buying BLUE stuff!

-- Dec 11th 2008 ~ Had his first baby shower, he received alot of amazing things!

-- Dec 18 2008 ~ Ultrasound, Fiance (Baby's father) got to come this time! he is my ninja baby kicking the crap out of me the whole time! He was so cute though, especially when I got to see him drink. He measured 5 pounds and 6 ounces, the ultrasound moved my DD from January 31st to January 25th because he measured so big.

I was induced a week early, he was actually due on Feb 2nd-3rd. Miscalculations. =( But, he came out on Jan 27th 2009, best thing to ever happen to us! ))