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Age 33
Gender Female
Status Married
Work Preschool Teacher
Location Indianapolis, Indiana
Kids 2
TTC Since Jul 27, 2011
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Before I got married, I met a guy, we dated casually and I had my one & only "oops" pregnancy..I miscarried at 11 weeks in December 2002. I thought it would be the only time..

10/04/08: Became Mrs. Joyner
BFP #1: 12/10/08
M/C #1: 12/19/08

BFP #2: 02/02/09
M/C #2: 03/15/09

BFP#3: 07/08/09
M/C #3: 07/19/09

BFP#4: 08/06/09
M/C#4: 08/16/09

September 2009: Met w/the worst RE ever, who put me on birth control, ran blood work that we never got the results from & was just generally a moron.

BFP#5: 12/25/09
M/C#5: 01/07/10

March 2010: Meet w/Dr. J our miracle worker. Dx'ed w/3 clotting disorders, PCOS, & ednometriosis. Start Glumetza.
April 2010: Surgery to correct the endo & PCOS.
BFP#6: 06/19/10
Beta #1: 46
Beta #2: 109 (EDD 03/02/11)
Gender: 09/16/10, it's a GIRL!!
Preterm Labor: 12/25/10
C-Section Date Set: On 01/24/11 for 02/24/11, she was footling breech & BIG
Surprise: She's here!! 01/27/11, 5 weeks early, 6lbs/9oz/19in
01/27/11-02/08/11: 2 weeks in the NICU
June 2011: Decide we will start TTC in the Fall

BFP#7: 07/20/11
M/C#7: 07/28/11

September 2011: Back to the RE, wants us to do 3 natural cycles on the Glumetza & plan a follow up for December 2011

December 2011: Will begin Femara/Ovidrel protocol in January, hoping for good news by February
January 2012: Cycle cancelled, DH decides at the last minute he isn't ready for another baby. Awesome...and I have a terrible reaction to the Femara which results in an ER visit. Not a great few weeks...But then...
01/27/12: Our tiny preemie turns ONE!! She's tall & sassy. Knows over 30 words and is trying to walk everywhere
February 2012: Clomid cycle, 2 follicles, ovulate on my own, BFN
March 2012: Clomid cycle, 1 huge follicle, ovulate on my own, BFN
April 2012: Natural cycle, BFN
May 2012: Clomid cycle, 3 rockstar follicles, ovulate on my own, BFN
BFP#8: 06/25/12, after a natural cycle, at 8DPO, follow protocol & call my RE's office..who tells me "wait until you are 4 weeks or so..." Um what!!?!
July 2012: Positives start turning to negatives & my mind knows what my heart & body don't want to admit
M/C#8: Confirmed by bloodwork on 07/07/12 and started on 07/08/12. I am devastated knowing that my doctor's office has wronged me by NOT seeing me when I called over a week ago.