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Interest love taking picture of my kids.
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I have been married since 2006 to my wonderful husband ,who I have been with since 2000. I am 31 yrs old and he is 35. We have a 7yr old named Weston . 4 year old named Chancellor. 5 month old named Ty.

2sgKm4.pngthbabyweston.jpgMy baby is growing so fast.eleeleard20070814_-5_Weston+is.png50 mg of Clomid on 5-29-09

prog. checked was 0.3

100 mg of clomid on 7-18-09

prog. checked was 0.3

150mg of clomid on 9-9-09

prog. checked was 0.7

200mg of clomid on 10-11-09

Prog. checked was 15.3

150mg 11-10-09

Pro. checked was 0.4

200mg of clomid

Progesterone was 5.9

Found out I am pregnant on 1-23-2010.

1-26-10 blood work 91

1-28-10 blood work 190

Doubling time is every 1day and 9 hours.IMG_4914-1-1.gif28a5njm.gif come join me and get great deal and free stuff
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