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857620flu2fe7thb.gifMarissa is my name and I am 15. Had my baby February 14,2009 5lbs. I also have a soon to be step son named Aeson.My step-mom has an account on here. Her and my father are trying to have another baby. I have a step-brother named Aayden. I also have a half sister named Kylie. I help my parents with them all the time so I can prepare myself for my baby. Me and theJocelyn's father are back together as of February 19,2009. Yes I am a teen mom but I plan to finish high school and go to college. I am not looking for drama I am looking for friends who are or have been pregnant.


Jocelyn is my first child and my boyfriends second. Jocleyn is our little girl our only girl at that. She is already a Mama's girl and her Daddy's world.

Aeson is my boyfriend Kolton's son. I have known this little boy since he was 9 months old. Around this time I started dating his daddy. This little boy grew up knowing me as mommy. As far as I am concerned this little boy is my baby boy. Sadly his mommy dont care about him.