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Okay been a while since i updated this.... I am now a whole 23 years young... My beautiful baby girl is getting so big, she will be 1 in just a few weeks!!! She talks so much, although not everything she says comes out in english i dont think lol. she says momma, dadda, daddy, nomnomnomnom (when food tastes good) lol, she says "uh-oh", and "wassat" for whats that.. she says baby, and babababa for bottle.

Bryleigh will be getting a new baby sister sometime in january!!! We are thrilled, even though they will be very close in age. I always wanted a sister, so i feel so lucky to be able to give this to my daughter..

Brooklynn Mackenzie will be her name :)

some facts about me:

I let my babies cry it out after 6 months of age.. Never longer than 10 minutes.

I breast feed, and bottle feed. although i plan to exclusively breast feed brooklynn.

We do NOT co-sleep. Bryleigh has never slept with us a night in her life, and when we do try to put her in bed with us just to lay down she thinks its play time, because its not normal to her.

I am VERY pro-life. I will not ever judge anyone for their own personal decisions, but i believe that a baby is a baby at the point of conception, and all babies have a right to live..

We are a Christian family that loves God and enjoys worshipping with our church family every week.

We want lots of kids, my husbands favorite show is 18 kids and counting lol.. although, we will probably stop around 5 or 6. God willing.

I am very athletic, love to watch and play sports, and cannot wait to get my daughters involved in them :) Bryleigh has had a glove since i found out she was a girl, a nice pink one :)

I have a condition called Neurocardiogenic syncope, and it has really effected my pregnancies.. If you have it too, i'd love to talk to you and "compare notes"

My husband is a recruiter in the US Navy.. It's a rough life sometimes, with long hours and long weeks, but we make it.
BRYLEIGH IS WALKING!!! YAY!! :) She started walking on 12/23/2009
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Baby brooklynn was born at 36weeks exactly.. She was 6lbs 8oz!! what a chunk for being so early!! she looks tiny though, and has jaundice. She is absolutely beautiful, hardly ever cries at all, and looks JUST like her big sister!!!

Brooklynn has been EBF for 5 days now.. Not that long, but i am so proud of myself for sticking with it through the first couple of VERY hard days.. She is a preemie so they told me it would be harder to do with her, but that she needed it..


We found out on 1/5/2011 that we are expecting our 3rd and final bundle of joy! I am thrilled, and more nervous than i could ever describe. My daughters will be almost 2 & 3 when this baby is born, so i am hoping the age spacing is okay. We are certainly hoping for blue dust this time, but we will be excited either way because that is what God wants us to have!