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Age 29
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Status Married
Work housewife
Location United Arab Emirates
Kids 17
Due Feb 05, 2013

I' m 27 yrs old. been married since 28/12/06 a mother of a 3 year old boy

I finished my masters and my boy is dying for a baby with him at home .

I had a previous miscarriage in july ( 7 weeks) 08 .

i took clomid which caused Ovarian hyper stimulation and so it caused leakage of free fluid in uterus and abdomen.
I am recently in hospital under observation (1/6/2012). They said baby wont be affected with the condition.
Bhcg is progressing well.
3/6 - discharged from hospital , blood result shows the situation is progressing to the better. and bhcg doubled :) thank god

7/6 - went for the ultrasound, ovaries are still hyper simulated BUT TWO SACS were found :D thank god!!