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i, I'm Samantha and I have two silly toddlers that are my whole world. Riley Jolene was born on July 13, 2009 and Luke Kingston was born on August 24, 2010. I am definitely pro breastfeeding but have only made it to six months :( I am hoping to breastfeed as long as possible (at least 12 months) with my next baby, hoping that I am a SAHM by the time this happens! I love babywearing and recently have been into co-sleeping ( I previously was non co-sleeping, but now have noticed the benefits of doing so). I am also anti-circumcising, another recent discovery of mine, considering my son is circumcised :( It was definitely an uneducated decision on my part and I will make sure I do not make this mistake again. My son's foreskin has tried growing back numerous times and he has tons of scar tissue that I can only guess is painful. After reading a lot about circumcision and getting advice from other mamas I have come to the conclusion that there is no reason for this painful procedure. My children also ride ERF...there is absolutely no reason a child under 40 lbs needs to be in a forward-facing carseat, or worse, a booster seat. There are so many options out there and its sad to think that most parents put there toddlers forward-facing for dumb reasons, they think its cute, they think its easy, or just because they are 20 lbs and the carseat says its okay. In my opinion, why not ride to the maximum weight limit? Its only doing good and keeping your child as safe as possible.