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I'm 21 yrs old. I'm a mother of a 4 old little boy, and a 2 yr old little boy, and expecting another boy in nov 20 of 2011. I love being a mom wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm very caring, and hard working, sometime hard headed also. I listen to Punk, Psychobilly, rockabilly, and some metal core. I have two tats, used to have 7/16gauges, and i dye my hair a lot. I like to sew patches on things and make some clothing. I love to meet new people who have the same interest and also who doesn't have the same interest. Las vegas is what i call home even tho i've lived here on and off for 10 years and I'm from the east coast.I'm a big believer in karma and I tend to hold grudge, and hold them well. I stay focused on my kids and stay as strong as possable for my boys. If you would like to know more feel free to message me.

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