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I am Liz. I am twenty one years old and mommy to two of the cutest boys ever! I just recently quit my job after having my second son to be a full-time stay at home mommy and wife. :) I got my asociated degree in April 2012 in Early Childhood Development. I plan on staying home for maybe a year with my boys and then getting a job in the Early Childhood field.

XAVIOR-1.pngPicnikcollage.jpgBirth: 7/24/09 10:57PM 8lbs 5oz 20 1/4in long.
1 Week: 7lbs 13oz.
2 Weeks: 9lbs 15oz 21 1/2in long.
1 Month: 11lbs 8oz 22in long.
2 Months: 14lbs 1oz 24in long.
3 Months: 15lbs 3oz.
4 Months: 15lbs 8oz 25 7/8in long 16 1/2in head.
5 Months: 16lbs 4oz
6 Months: 16lbs 14oz 26in -17lbs 2oz 26 3/8ins
9 Months: 22lbs 10oz - 22lbs 6oz 27 1/4ins
11 Months: 25lbs 5oz 30in long
12 Months: 25lbs 15oz 31in long 49cm(19.3in) head
18 Months: 27lbs 4oz 33 3/8 in long 49.5cm head
2 1/2 Years: 35lbs 8oz 36 1/2 in tall
3 Years: 38lbs 38in tall - 38lbs 2oz

3DPzm4.pngplb.jpgribbon_silver_6w.gifribbon_rosequartz_3m.gifribbon_garnet_6m.gifribbon_amber_9m.gifuntitled-3-1-1.jpgBG.gifBirth: 06/06/2012 4:26PM 8lbs 2oz 21 1/2in long
24 Hours: 7lbs 15oz
2 Weeks: 8lbs 14oz 22 1/8in long
4 Weeks: 10lbs 11oz 22 1/2in long
2 Months: 12lbs 8oz 25 1/2in long
5 Months: 16lbs 12oz 27in long
6 Months: 17lbs 5oz 28in long and 18lbs 27in long (shrank? lol)
9 Months: 19lbs 8oz

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