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Hi there, 2013 update

I was on this site back in 2009
My angel baby Julian is going to be 4 this yr :)
Losing him was the hardest thing I have had to go through.
TTC sometime this month :(
My doctor says it's going to be hard because I was diagnosed with Endometriosis back in July 2011
I had a huge cyst the size of a cantaloupe on my ovary and bands from one side of my abdomen to the other side.
It's a horrible disease and the only cure is pregnancy!!!
Go figure :)

Anywho, still work at chase
Still with the same guy
Went to beauty school
YouTube is my hobby, look me up

It says if I conceive this week I'll be due in Nov 2013 :)
Lets pray!
I'm finally ready to have a little one :)
Hoping for a girl!
Ariana Jaqueline Garcia will be her name
I love her already, most likely not even formed yet but I'm already thinking of her future

Anyways, parent tank me :)
I miss this website!

And if anyone had endo and has gotten pregnant I would love to hear ur story
I been off Birth control since Oct 2012