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Age 31
Gender Female
Status Married
Work Photographer
Location Durant, Oklahoma
Kids 2
2dj3twm.jpgHi, Im Xan. Quite possibly the coolest person youll ever know.

Just kidding, Im f**king boring.

Im currently living in Durant, Ok, quite possibly the dullest place on earth. I have a gorgeous 2 year old daughter, Cami, and an adorable baby boy, Christian ♥

Ive been with my bf for a little over 4 years, we'll get married someday, but I honestly dont see the rush in it. Besides, the tax breaks are great :lol: Im one of those annoying people that says its just a piece of paper.

Im also a photographer and I dabble in g*****c design, its been hard finding anyone interested in anything other than walmart photos around this area though :P
Recently Ive been taking photos for people on etsy in exchange for props, feel free to message me if youre interested in an exchange.

My website: http://mdmphotography3068.zenfolio.com/


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/MDM-Photography/318904388167664


tackyy.png2z5kw38.jpgcamisq.jpgcamitutu1.jpgdsc0091tv.jpg2cute1.jpgdsc0488wf.jpg7028739139_47fc3d6e9e_z.jpg80088613.pngchristianbirth185.jpgchristianbirth293.jpgdsc02171bw.jpgchristianbirth367.jpgdsc0424c.jpgHis darling big sister had just colored on his face with sidewalk chalk, lol.

dsc01161o.jpgdsc0077bw.png6814926084_c91a43c5e7_z.jpg14t0ok4.jpg2eflzyu.jpghrgao8.pngsuperhero2nd_zps441681fb.png2n6ekpw.jpgAround 4 months pregnant with my baby boy, total myspace shot