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We are blessed with a son, Matthew James. He is a great boy...even if he's entering his "terrible 2s" early. Actually, he is the love of our lives! We have been trying to add to our family since December 09, but have not been successful. Matthew took over 2 years, so we are not completely surprised. Honestly, each disappointing month that passes is not too much easier than it was before we were blessed the first time. Your heart still breaks even when you are so thankful you have a child.

12/31/08 I went to the doctor to get my last appointment in before the new insurance year and I was surrounded by pregnant women! Well, knowing that my husband and I have been trying for over a year, I was sad and said to myself, "I am not coming back to the doctor until I'm pregnant." I already had my second visit to a fertility specialist planned for January, so there was hope it might be in the future.. ((I have not had any infertility treatments, we were just in the beginning consultation stages.)) Well, the nurse asked me all about my cycle: I missed Oct, had 3 weird ones in Nov., and missed Dec. Missing Dec didn't even cross my mind because I had three in Nov, I felt I had made up for a while. Well, the nurse said we should do a test, well, I know I was negative in Oct because I went to my regular doctor for a test then since I had never missed a cycle in the history of cycles! So, after the nurse convinced me to take a test, she came back and said I was positive. I didn't believe her, so we did another test and it was positive!
I look forward to being able to communicate with other pregnant women because, right now since I am only 4 weeks pregnant, the baby did not show up on ultrasound and I'm a nervous wreck!
1/12/09 I went to the doctor and actually saw the little pre-embryonic formation. It looked like a diamond ring and my husband will tell you, I love diamonds!
2/10/09 I heard the heartbeat. It was amazing. I asked the lady if I could borrow that hand-held machine and she, of course, said no. She did tell me that you can rent them offline. Sure enough, I'm going to rent it. I just hate waiting a month or longer in between visits. I figure now if I ever have sharp pains I can quick check the heartbeat. (My friends think I'm crazy, but I've been praying for this baby to come for two years!) is where I'm renting it from.
2/16/2009 The at home monitor arrived. Of course, I couldn't wait a second to use it. You really do need a lot of that gel, so if anyone is planning on getting it make sure you order a lot. I really think we heard the heartbeat. Who knows? I'm no doctor, but it still made me happy. We'll probably try again next week. I especially look forward to it once the baby is bigger!
3/5/2009 My doctor's appointment was quick, but great. I brought my rented heart monitor with me so the nurse can use it and help me decide whether or not I am really hearing the baby's hearbeat. Sure enough, we do hear it even with my heartbeatsathome monitor. It's not as loud as the professional, but I'm still happy. I have been feeling super normal for almost 3 weeks now. By normal, I mean, unpreggo; not nauseated at all. Besides my waist being alittle larger, the only reminder I am pregnant is the baby's hearbeat. I still have to wait about 7 weeks to find out the sex, seems like an eternity, but as my friend reminded me, I've waited for this blessing for years what's another 7 weeks?