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Hi! My name is Jess.

I had my son Jackson Denver via emergency c-section on August 21st 2006.He weighed 7lbs 2oz.Jackson is the greatest thing to ever happen to me. He is my best friend and he brightens up my day. He is always happy and always has a smile on his face, even when he is sleeping.

I have been with Cody for 4 years. I love him so much and I am very thankful he is with me, and we are raising our kids together.


December 8th : Home Pregnancy Test Positive :)
Decmeber 18th: First Doctors Appointment Gave me a pelvic exam. EDD July 17th Weight : 113 lbs
Decmber 30th: First Ultrasound : Measured the size of the baby, saw the heart beat:D:D:D. Changed my EDD to August 2nd :(
January 8th: Second Doctors Appointment: General check-up. Tried to find baby's heart beat with the doppler... couldn't find it yet :( Weight: 113 and a half lbs
January 19th: Dermatoligist appt. checking moles on my back, will have to be removed after baby is born and once I have finished breastfeeding
January 28th : Trip to Emergency, passed a gallstone
February 2nd :Third Doctors Appointment : Heard heart beat160 beats per minute. Doctor says we are healthy and doing great. Booked Gender Ultrasound for March 3rd.:D:D Weight: 118 lbs
February 7th : Ultra-sound on gallbladder and kidneys, everything looking great! The SWEETEST technician took a peek at the baby for me. Strong heartbeat 150+ beats per minute. She said baby looks VERY big for 14 weeks 6 days.... most likely a July baby :)
March 3rd: Ultrasound: Evertything looks very good, baby is healthy and growing 4 days ahead of due date Heratreat 153 beats/minutes. Refused to tell me the gender :(
March 4th:Forth Doctor's apponitment : Explained why they wouldn't tell me gender. Baby is very active. Heart reat 173 beats/minute. Weight 123.5 lbs
March 30th: Fifth Doctors Appointment: Didn't find out the educated guess Weight:130.5 lbs baby's heart rate 153 beat/min ( baby wouldn't stop moving, doctor had to chase it lol)
April 10th : 3D/4D ultrasound and Gender! IT'S A BOY!!!!
April 27th: Weight: 131 ( gaind half a pound in a month?) baby's heart rate: 152 beat/min
May 7th : Glucose Screen
May 11th: 7th doctor appiontment / RH shot :( Weight : 138.5 lbs Baby's heart rate: 150 beats/min
May 26th: 8th Doctors appointment : weight : 141.5
May 30th:Trip to hospital. Woke up at 2:30 am with blood EVERYWHERE. Possible placenta tear. Contractions untill 2 pm. Discharged at 5:30 and put on bedrest.
June 22nd: Doctors appointment: weight : 148.5 Baby has dropped!
July 2nd : Appointment with VBAC specialist: Prime canidate for VBAC
July 8th: Doctors appointment: weight 150.5
July 15th: Doctors appointment: weight 153.5
July 20th: Doctors appointment: weight 151.5 Cervix is soft and baby is low
July 27th: Doctors appointment : weight 151

July 28th 2009 Happy Birthday Parker :D

Parker Austin Williams
EDD: August 2nd 2009
Birthday : July 28th 2009 @ 6:52 pm
Labour Story: I was having false labour starting on July 19th. My first real contraction was on July 27th at about 10 pm. I tried to get some sleep knowing it was going to be a long day. By 3:30 am I gave up on sleeping because the contractions were getting very painful and about 6 minutes apart. At 5 am I woke up Cody, and we called his mom to come down and watch Jackson. We got to the hospital at 6:30 and I was examined. The nurse couldn't find my cervix so we had to wait for my doctor to arrive. She got there at 10 am and examined me. She found my cervix, I was only 2 cms dialated but baby's head was already +1. She decided to give me an Epidural for the pain, I was pretty upset because I thought it was going to stop my labour like with my first baby. The happy drug guy showed up at 12pm and gave me my epi. I was also given oxytocin(sp?) to keep my contractions regular. By 2:30 pm I was 4 cms dialated. Because I have scoliosis part of my Epidural would wear off and the contractions would hurt soooo badly in one tiny spot in my back. The anesthesiologist had to come to see me 3 times in 2 hours to give me a top up of meds. At 4:15 pm I was 7-8 cms and they broke my water. Within a half hour I was ready to push. I was soooo tired by then I didnt think I was going to be able to push, but it is amazing what your body can do and it just takes over. I would push through the contraction and when it was over I would literaly pass right out. So it felt like I pushed for 20 minutes but I pushed for 2 hours. Finally Parker's head came out. His cord was wrapped around his neck and I had to stop pushing. They cut his cord and then I pushed once more and at 6:52pm Parker was here!! They put him on my chest and told me to make him cry. Then the cleaned him up and stitched me up. He weighed 7 lbs 5 oz. Parker was awake for a good 3 hours after he was born and got to meet his big brother. We were discharged at 7pm on July 29th , just 24 hours after he was born.

Parker's Milestones:
First Smile:3 weeks old. August 18th 3:30 am :)
First Laugh: 2 months
Found Hands: 2 months 2 weeks
Grabbed toy: 2 months 3.5 weeks
Rolled over Back to Belly: 3 months 3 weeks November 21st

Parker's Battle With MCAD Defficeny:

We found out on August 11th 2009 than our sweet little boy *could* have MCAD.We recived a phone call from our doctors saying his blood test came back funny and we would need to do more tests and feed Parker every 3 hours untill the tests came back. 3 weeks later and 3 Blood test later, it was confirmed. My poor little guy has MCAD. MCAD is a metabolic diease that effect 1 in every 10,000 to 12,000 babies. It has only been tested for in PKU tests since 2003. I feel very lucky that it was found, instead of him dieing from it, like many children have before. Parker is missing an enzyme in his body that breaks down medium chain fats. Since he cannot digest that fat or long chain fats, he must be fed more frequently. That way his body can make enoght energy and will not have a metabolic episode ( such as seziure, coma ect) very similar to a diabetic.

August 20th - First meeting with B.C Childrens hospital.
September 24th - MCAD Confirmed... :(
November 20th - Second meeting at Childrens hospital. Started his medication
Jan 6th - Echo- EKG Ultrasound of liver and kidneys
Jan 26th- First metting with our Peditrician ( about damn time... the kids is 6 months!!!)
Feb 24th - Thrid meeting with Children's hospital... Med dosage uped. Blood test
Feb 27th - Trip to hospital to take more blood :( Another 5 holes in him... poor pin coushion. previous blood test showed dehydration.
Mar 1st - Visit to peditrition. Blood test came back worse for dehydration.. but he seems fine...??

Coming soon - trip to blood doctor for more blood tests to find out whats going on......
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