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Im Kat.
I Have a wonderful happy little boy named Aiden Andrew<3 boo.jpgHe basically makes me proud with every little thing that he does. he was born july 30th 2009 7lbs 13oz0ryb.jpg
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08-04-09_09321.jpg And ever since then my life has just gotten better and better. I also have an amazing Fiance! He is a wonderful daddy! And to add to the list of best things in my life are my 3 step children. Shayla, Alexis, and Charlie<3mylittleloves.jpg they are the other loves of my life. It just does not get much better than this.Our Little family is picture perfect <3

07-31-09_18561.jpg[in picture above] Daddy, Charlie2years, Aiden 1 day old

Our newest addition Jaxson Cole arrived on may 25 2011! he was 8lbs 10oz

SAM_0364-1.jpg" />SAM_0370.jpgand perfectly healthy in every way! So far he has fit right in to our crazy little family=-]


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SAM_0379.jpg life just doesn't get much sweeter!

& yes here comes surprise baby number 3
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