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I'm 19 years old and I'm expecting my first baby girl on September 6th...The baby's father and I aren't together anymore. We started having problems after we found out I was pregnant but we're trying our best to work together for the baby's sake.


- I used to model before I got pregnant. Nothing big, just local stuff.
- My favorite color is purple.
-I hate bad grammar. And no, I'm not one of those hypocrites who says they hate it but still do it themselves.
- I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T.
- After the baby is born I'm going to finish taking my CNA classes so I'll at least have some sort of a career foundation to build onto.
- I was in college but due to some very unfortunate circumstances I had to drop out.
- I'm more of a "laid back" party girl (meaning I like to go out and have fun but I don't always have to be the center of attention.)
- Me + Pregnancy = NO LIFE! Haha.

*I'll GLADLY accept anyone's advice, suggestions, and just plain ol' conversation.

MAMAcollage.jpgMY GOOFY ASS.

November 30th - Date of conception (I think!)
January 5th - Went to GP because of pregnancy symptoms; did serum (blood) pregnancy test.
January 8th - Doc called me and said the test was positive. I'm pregnant!
January 21st - First OB appt; felt the wrath of the "d***o cam" and seen my little bean of a baby and also heard the heartbeat. 142 bpm! Was REALLY shocked to learn that instead of being 10 weeks, I'm only 7 weeks and 3 days. Now I'm confused about the date of conception...Hmmm...
February 20th - Second OB appt; the baby was VERY active. He/she had it's arms up like it was on a rollercoaster! Heart rate was 154 bpm.
March 20th - OB appt; VERY brief. Heart rate was 150 bpm. Get to find out next visit (APRIL 17th) what the sex of my baby is. Can't wait!
April 17th - OB appt; IT'S A GIRL! Heart rate was 143 bpm.
May 14th - OB appt; Heart rate was 147bpm. I've gained 11 pounds so far and I still look good! LOL.
June 11th - OB appt; Heart rate was 135bpm; Ummm I gained 10 lbs since my last visit! Wow. AND I failed my glucose test so I have to do the 3 hour one soon.