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Age 24
Gender Female
Status Engaged
Work Student and working
Location Georgia
Interest my baby and friends
Kids 2
Due Aug 01, 2011 (twins)
Hi my name is Caylee. I am mommy at 18 and loving and every minute of it. I had my first child a boy when I was 17. I named him Andrew. Andrew's daddy passed away shortly after I became pregnant. I am once again in love with my wonderful boyfriend who is proud to be in Andrew's life. Yes, Andrew will call this guy his daddy but he will also know who is real dad is as he gets older. Together Allen and I created our first child Olivia Riley. We are now expecting twins. Yes we maybe young but its all worth it. I love the feeling of being a mommy. I feel like my life is complete. I have my son, daughter, twins and boyfriend whom I love.
RWuzm4.pngAndrew Lee Knight June 20,2009.z8EMm4.pngOlivia Riley Worsham April 29,2010.pJy0m4.pngGummy Bear & Cheerio Worsham Due August 2,2011.jSovm5.pngJada our fur baby born March 18,2010.HHk4m4.png