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Happily married to my best friend since May 2007. We already have a 13 year old from his previous relationship who is like my daughter (she lives with her mother). We miscarried at 6w6d on March 23, 2009. TTC took us 2 months to get a BFP in the summer of 2009. Had my son, Diego Rafael on April 19, 2010. We are ready for #2 together/#3 overall. Had my Mirena taken out April 10, 2013 and have been TTC since. First cycle was 38 days, second 26 days. Had my BFP on July 8, 2013, DPO 11.

6/14: LMP

6/26: +OPK

7/8: BFP

8/12: told granparents about baby

8/19: Intake visit. 156/0. Unable to hear HB on Doppler, bedside sono +FHR, baby jumped. Panorama drawn. The wait begins.

7/8: LMP
8/4: BFP
8/23:Self sono, IUP, HR 120 BPM
8/25: Got my flu shot.
9/18: First OB appointment, Wt 150 lbs. +FHR on Doppler. 5 tubes of blood. Family knows about baby.
10/2: First trimester screen, First Sono. Lots of baby movement.
10/7: First Trimester screen 1:2,300 for DS, Negative for T18. Negative screen.
10/8: Everyone at work knows about the pregnancy. No need to hide it.
10/14: Second OB Appointment. Wt 150 lbs +0.0/0.0. +FHR on Doppler. No issues. MSAFP comming up, set up anatomy scan.
10/22: Got my H1N1 Flu shot.
11/13: Third OB Appointment, Wt 152.75, +2.75/2.75. + Doppler. No issues. Anatomy Scan Bilateral choroid plexus cysts seen, no other anomalies. It's a Boy! Diego Rafael. 11/27: First distinct baby movements @ 20+2.
i-can-feel-my-baby-move.gif12/5: Armando felt the baby move for the first time
12/11: Fourth OB Appointment, Wt 158 lbs +5.25/8.0. + Dopplers. Slip for 1hr GDM screen. Occasional heartburn.
1/6:1hr GDM Screen: Negative (90!!!), H/H slightly lower. Between mom, 2 aunts and in-laws large items from registries are gone. Have nursery set with mattress, crib set, travel system with extra car base, play yard, mobile, extras :)
1/7: Recieved Playard in mai from Titi Rosin.
1/8: Received Diaper Genie and Bouncer from Titi Ana
1/11: Received Mobile, Gym and crib set from the Alvarez family.
1/12: Fifth OB Appointment. 164.5 +6.5/14.5. + Dopplers. Contraction, specially bad on 1/10, VE: Closed, but feels shortened. Urgent U/S: AGA, CL 3.0 cm, AC 11%tile, HC/AC ratio 1.21 (borderline low), need repeat growth in 4 weeks. Mild anemia, need to start taking Iron Supplement.
1/13: Received Crib Matress from Titi Ana. Started Iron supp, Vitamin C and Colace.
1/14: Preterm contractions wouldn't go away after drinking a full pitcher of water, every 5 minutes. Checked into LnD. Fetal Fibronectin negative. Contractions increased to q2-3mins, despite 1500mL of IV LR. Got SubQ Terbutaline that spaced them out to q5mins. Not worse than before. NST Reactive throughout. Sent home out of work for 4 weeks at least. Got script for p.o. Terbutaline filled.
contractions.gif1/21: Sixth OB Appointment . 165.5 +1.0/+15.5. Dopplers +. Occasional contractions, anywhere from q5-q90 mins. Cervix still closed. Weekly OB checks for now. Rhogam @ next visit.
1/28: Seventh OB Appointment. 164 -1.5/+14. Dopplers +. Contractions occasionally, not needed terb po. Breech, FH 1cm less than last week. Rhogam in left deltoid (OUCH). Bad heartburn today, took Protonix.
2/5: Eight OB Appointment. 166.75 +2.75/16.75. Dopplers +. Occasional contractions, more spaced out than before, but more intense. Vertex :) Cervix closed.
2/12: Follow up Sonogram and Ninth OB Appointment. 170.5 +3.75/20.5. Dopplers +, Occational contractions more spaced out than before. Ultrasound: Growth is AGA! :) EFW 3lbs 15oz.60%tile. CL 3.75cm, closed, no funneling. No more scans unless I want it.
2/18: Tenth OB Appointment. 174.0 +3.5/24.0. Dopplers + with accel to 190s. FH about the same for the last 4 weeks, but AGA, will rescan in 3 weeks for growth. Vertigo +, script for Meclezine to take when needed, up to qid.
2/26: Eleventh OB Appointment. Pediatrician prenatal visit. 174.75 +0.75/24.75. Dopplers +, went with Armando. Vertigo still present, improved with meclezine. FH @ 32cm, no need for growth scan. Cervix closed. OK to go back to work on Monday. Pediatrician visit was awesome. We both really liked her. Got gifts from Enfamil and Similac.
2/28: Purchased the things left in the registry. All ready for Diego :)
3/5: Twelveth OB Appointment. 182.0 +7.25/32.0. Dopplers +. +Swelling. Need to cut bak further on sodium, incrase water intake (like I'm not peeing enough already). FH lagging again. Will get growth next week since it's been 4 weeks since last one.
3/7: Put up stickers in nursery, vacumed the whole apartment.
3/9: Growth Scan. EFW 5lbs 1oz of pure chubby cheeks. 40%tile. AGANo issues.
3/12: Thirteen OB Appointment. 181.0 -1.0/31.0. Dopplers +. HIV, H/H and GBS taken. FT/-2 station. Received gift from Michelle (2 light bunting suits 6-9m, a pair of socks and set of 3 3-6m onseies).
3/13: H/H 11.3/35.6, GBS pending.
3/19: Fourteenth OB Appointment. 182 +1.0/32.0. Dopplers + with hiccups. GBS negative. Surprise baby shower at work. Diego got clothes, diaper genie refills, toys!
3/21: Cleaned out and vacumed my car. Got the car seat bases inspected at the police station. Armando did a great job installing them under my supervision.
3/24: Fifthteen OB Appointment. 183.0 +1.0/33.0. Dopplers +. FH still lagging at 33 cm. Growth in 2 weeks if still pregnant.
3/26: Labor check in LnD. Contractions q5min for > 1 hr. 1-2cm/50%/-1 to 0 station. No change after 1 hr. Slept 5 hours total in 48 hours. Joy.
3/31: Sixthteen OB Appointment: 179.5 -3.5/29.5. Dopplers +. Pelvic pressure, exam unchanged from weekend.
4/1: Growth scan, EFW 2958g, 6lbs 8oz; 41%tile. AFI adequate. BPP 8/8. Still vertex.
4/9: Seventeenth OB Appointment: 186 +6.5/36.0. Dopplers +. Still 1-2cm/30% and engaged by Dr. Lefkovits exam. Given script for Z pack for productive cought that won't go away.
4/14: Due date. Eighteenth OB Appointment. 188 +2.0//38. Dopplers +. 2-3cm dilated. Membranes stripped. IOL scheduleded for 4//22 @ 41+1
4/18: Decreased movement all day. Visited LnD. Vanessa was my nurse. NST reactive. 2-3 cm/60%/-1. Memranes stripped by Dr Cole.
4/19: Woke up by ctx at 0400. Started timing them, every ~ 8 mins for over 30 mins. Having to breathe through them. Took a shower, contractions Q4-8 mins, still like period pains. Woke up Armando, finished getting ready having to stop with every contraction. Called Dr. Cole ~0530. Offered to stay home but declined, pain too strong. Arrived to LnD @ 0600. Ancey was my nurse.Good strip on monitor. Dr. Cole checked me at 0630, 3cm/80%/-1. Broke my water at 0635, clear fluid. Bloods drawn and IV started in left wrist. Given a list of nurses comming at 0700, Vanessa comming back in :). Contractions went from 7/10 to 10/10 after AROM. Crying with them. Vanessa came on. Dr. Cole finished my H&P so I could get my epidural. Dr DeSimmone placed my epidural ~ 0730 on the first try. Slowly began feeling better. Checked aroun 0830 by Ana Hernandez, 4cm. Around 0930 FHR with decreased variability and decels. Dr Cole placed an FSE. Now 5cm. FHR improved. Around 1030 FHR again with decreased variablity with decels, checked by Eric Kittle, 6cm and almost 100%. FHR improved again. Around 1145 decreased variability with decel, Ana checked me, looked at me funny and after me asking "I'm fully, aren't I?" She said "No, but you only have a rim on the right side left". FHR improved, asked for Kanaan for forceps in case we needed them, he was "OK". Ana rechecked me at 1115, fully +1/2. Labored down for an hour since the epidural didn't let me feel anything except mild pressure. At around 1205, pressure increased. Ana changed the FSE because the first one was now against the right vaginal side wall. Pushed with next contraction 3 times, went from not seeing anything to seeing hair withtou parting the labia. Heart rate baseline dropped. Told we may need to do vacum, I told Ana I prefered forceps (pleaded with her really). Called for forceps and opened (to keep the evil spirits at bay) and they called for NICU. With next contraction pushed 4 times and he started to crown. His baseline went to 90-95, not comming up with minimal variablity. Ana said I needed to get him out now (and by her eyes she meant business). Took a deep breath and pushed twice, and the head came out. Right shoulder anterior. Ana caught him at 1216, Tabitha Kane clamped him, and Armando cut the cord. Ana handed him off to the NICU staff. He began crying right away. NICU gave him their blessing and left. I told Armando to go to him. Placenta spontaneously at 1219. They dried him, wraped him loosely in a blanket and brougt him over to my chest. Repair of 2nd degree perineal, and bilateral labial/vaginal tears (she sewed for like ~45 mins). Weight 3,025g 6lbs 10.8 oz; 19" long. Breast fed in the DR twice. Went to post partum. Patrice was my nurse from 3-11.
4/20: Liz was my nurse from 11-7. Missy was my nurse from 7-7 and Jo overnight from 7-7. Dr. Lemons checked Diego, everything looked good. Follow up on Friday 4/23. Met with the Lactation consultant. Latching OK, just to make sure his lower lip is everted. Use Saline compresses for 10 mins. Seen by Dr. Vinciguerra.
4/21: Missy was my nurse from 7 until discharge. Dr. Marin checked Diego, everything looked good. He only dropped 5.6% birthweight. Seen by Dr. Kiley. OK to go home. My milk came in tonight.
4/22: Abu Tata met Diego shortly afer midnight.
4/23: Diego's appointment with Dr. Lemmons at 1130. Weight 3,030g. Recovered back birthweight. Breastfeeding ok. Remaining umbilical stump taken off by Dr. Lemons. Doing great. Diego met Dr. Costello.


2/3: LMP
2/18: BFP
3/20: First OB Appointment, -7 tubes of blood, unnofficial sono - No yolk sac seen
3/22: Light Spotting started, going for Q-Beta tomorrow
3/23: Spotting turned to frank bleeding, plus cramping. Q-Beta 1500 (too low for this GA). Sono: Empty sac. Got Rhogam shot.
3/24: Still cramping and bleeding.
3/25: Q-Beta 1100. Still cramping and bleeding, but improving.
3/28: No more cramping. Light spotting.