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248781_572651765768_165701036_32373921_4My younger little girl.... Rory Kazuya

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ribbon_rosequartz_3m.gifcortnie.pngR.I.P. Cortnie 3/11/1990 - 6/15/2011

I am a proud SAHM to a beautiful little BFT girl, and an EBFB (yep, we tandem nurse). My husband and I both have our BA/BS from the same University; Danny (my hubby) has his MBA and a Graduate certificate in Organizational Non-Profit Leadership.

We practice Attachment Parenting. We share a bed with our babies. We do not carry our baby like luggage -- we wear her or hold her. We never let our baby CIO. We are extended/tandem breastfeeding and extended-rear-seat-facing. We selectively vaccinate our child.
And i am hear to help ANY mama in need - no matter her parenting style.

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Danny and I met in Undergrad at So. NH University and got married 2 1/2 years later :) on Oct 12, 2008.
God decided to bless us with Ella Stiles, born December 19th, 2009 at 2:01pm, weighing 7lbs, 4oz, 20inches long, and then again with Rory Kazuya on October 25th, 2011 at 3:46pm, weighing 7lb 7oz and 18.5 inches long! They're the most beautiful things i've ever made!

24313_315443639197_764204197_3382877_617foxfoxcdb20091219_-6_Ella+Stiles+is+now.l_d3185e39eb06481fa93df3a95196e01a.jpg30034_400247314197_764204197_4053269_676^ELLA - in Japanese^

::conception info::
BBT Chart::::::::::http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/jordan 8)
After being on DEPO PROVERA and bleeding for about 4 months, my last shot ended oct. 22 and i haven't used bc since. Started Vitex on 1/22/09, had my first cycle 2/2/09, and the next cycle 3/6/09 resulted in pregnancy.

3806347506_e81e6761c7_o.jpg::::::::::::: PREGNANCY :::::::::::::
-3/6/09 LMP - Normal length.
-4/8/09 - BFP with $ store test at 10 DPO
-4/9-12/09 BFP with $ store, FRER and CBEDigital
-4/14/09 First DR appointment. Blood work and urine tested. results in the mail!
-4/23/09 Meet with midwife. She rescheduled a PAP since she had to leave early.
Bloodwork came back and all levels are optimal and perfect :)
-4/28/09 Called to change my prenatal service to Dartmouth Hitchcock Midwives
-5/1/09 First appointment with Dartmouth Hitchcock nurse Katie 1:30 pm Met Midwife Keri. She was very nice!
-5/26/09 First midwife appointment at Dartmouth. PAP....rescheduled
-6/1/09 Midwife appt with Barbara....confirmed my due date that i gave them and HEARD BABY'S HEARTBEAT!!!!! hooray!!
-6/30/09 Midwife appt with Barb again. Heartrate of160 pbm (girl, maybe?) Very active little baby. Scheduled the BIG u/s!! Hooray!!
-7/13/09 Frequent heart palpitations. Saw midwife who recommended me to a PCP. Trying to get a DR's appt...
-7/27/09 BIG u/s at 8:30 It's a GIRLLL!!!! :):D She's beautiful 140 bpm She was sleeepy!
-7/27/09 9:40 Midwife's office to check in for my monthly! :) I brought doughnuts for everybody. Baby's heart bpm150.... More active :)
-8/25/09 3:00pm midwife appt. Almost 24 weeks along. u/s info came back...placenta is 2.6 cm away from my cervix.... scheduling another u/s
-9/17/09 1pm. Glucose test. (pending)
-9/21/09 1pm Midwife appt. with Keri Hoyt! She is wonderful! Found out today my husband's former college academic adviser had the same midwives for his family!
-09/28/09 Second u/s. 1pm Measuring 28 wks, 5 dy. (dec 20th: 28 wk, 1 dy). 2lbs 11oz
-10/8/09 Midwife appt with Keri! Hooray! 1:40 All went well. Ella's perfect.
-10/22/09 Midwife appt with Barbra! All was well. Wrote a perscrip for cough meds.. DH and i are siiiiiick!
-11/4/09 Midwife appt with Dorice. Long and kinda boring appointment..
-11/18/09 Scheduled appt with DR, cause midwives didn't have any openings. The DR was over an hour behind, so i got to see Susan! Hooray!! Bad news - after baby being head down since sept, looks like she flipped. To confirm, susan ordered an u/s.
-11/21/09 Ultrasound -- Ella was great! Still head down. Lots of good pics. She's at least 4 lbs!! Feels like a lotttt more! lol
-11/25/09 Midwife appt with keri! Went great. bpm was 120, and keri tickled Ella's bum and her bpm shot to 146! Very reactive and very good. Took the Group b strep test. Results pending
-12/2/09 Midwife appt with Dorice. Everything went accordingly! Hooray!
-12/10/09 Midwife appt with the newest midwife Jamie! I like her. Danny couldn't make it to this appt, he had a meeting that he realized the night before. Oh well. Nothing too exciting. Baby has dropped more. weight 140lbs
-12/18/09 Midwife appt with Barbra (her last day) ... no cervical check... depressed..
12/18 ...... 9:30pm...WENT INTO LABOR!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!! I was 140lbs.... Baby was born 12/19, 7lbs, 4ozs, 20 inches long, 35.5cm head, no cone shape, no tearing, no epidural, picture perfect baby!!!!
-12/25/09 down to 116lbs. Don't wanna lose more, i like the b**bs and the butt!! Milk is in and fattening up baby!!

-2/9/11 BFP!!!! 10 dpo with $$ store test weight 105lbs
-2/16/11 confirmed + at my Midwives
-3/17/11 nurse appointment to go over my medical history
-3/18/11 blood work day. Fasted for 13 hours. Ridiculous!
-4/6/11 pap, doppler, etc ... 160 BPM! little girl? That's mommy's guess! 112lbs
-5/6/11 All normal! 160 BPM again! 117lbs
-5/26/11 IT"S A GIRL!!!!!!!!! She's beautiful. Curled up, trying to eat her way out. 158BPM
-6/3/11 Appointment with Susan went well.. U/S didn't get a good look at LO's spine, so scheduled another u/s
-6/9/11 u/s went very well!! rutabaga is doing amazing.. spine, heart, belly and brain all look wonderful and developing great!
-7/1/11 Gained 6lbs! Urine test shows I'm dehydrated, but i knew i was that morning. I told Keri I'm declining the glucose test.
-8/1/11 w/Claire (new midwife). She was really great! She's been there the longest at the practice, but i never met her...oddly. She also didn't give me a hard time at all about declining the glucose test. She was very supportive!
-8/15/11 w/Shawne new midwife, went alright. She convinced me to get an A1C and an iron test, even though i didn't feel like i needed it.. results (no surprise) came back perfect.
-8/31/11 w/Jenn new midwife, asked her lots of questions. She used do waterbirths... wish i could have one.. *sigh* Baby's measuring perfect. Recorded the hb so ella could hear it. She loved it :)
-9/16/11 w/Claire Had GBS test done. Came back positive. I've researched the antibiotics thoroughly and I am declining them in labor.
-9/23/11 w/Claire traffic made me 15 minutes late and missed the appointment, rescheduled with an OB for Monday
-926/11 w/Pariser OB -- had to reschedule
-9/30/11 w/Jenn measuring on track for 36 weeks. Talked about why i'm declining the antibiotics in labor, and she actually seemed impressed with everything i knew about it. I had more facts than she had in any of the brochures at the office.
-10/5/11 w/keri Still measuring 36 weeks. Keri was running late so we didn't chat much.
-10/13/11 w/kerri Measuring a little bigger , so kerri's not concerned about growth at all
-10/20/11 w/kerri i talked to her about babies born in the caul, and she said she'd never heard of RRL making the membrane thicker/tougher.. i told her i'd look it up, since i'd only heard it from a friend. She said don't go into labor until Tuesday because that's when she'd be on call :) my favorite midwife
-10/25/11 BABY!! Tuesday, in a PACKED birthing center, last room in the house, RORY KAZUYA was born at 3:46pm weighing 7lbs, 7oz 18.5 inches long UNMEDICATED, water broke JUST as she came out, and Kerri was in awe. She said i made her a believer in RRL :) She hadn't seen that in the 13 years she'd been practicing.