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The moment I heard my little baby's heartbeat to the day I first saw it's tiny fingers on the ultrasound, I fell head over heels in love. I have never experienced such a powerful feeling such as this before in my life. The love I had expereinced before had nothing to compare. I admit I was terrified at first, seeing two positive lines on the pregnancy test I first took in November. But I wasn't so scared of being pregnant, but scared of being a mom. This was not what I had planned; I am not finacially stable, nor am I married, and I am so young. Things didn't exactly happen the way I planned but they happened. I know with the honesty of my heart that I am going to be a womderful mother, because I know that nothing will stop me from giving and doing what is best for my baby.

My precious angel was born on April 24, 2009. Her nameis Marley Lea. I love her with every being of my heart, and soul. She is my complete world. God decided to take her up to Heaven, he could not stand for her to be away fromHim. Marley will forever be with me, she is my beautiful angel.