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diamonds.png My name is Ashely
My son's my whole world
His name is Avery Wyatt.
I haven't been this happy about anything in my entire life.

l_66e26a5a49b64b2c98a9d5bd336de9-1.jpgI believe that most of the time when people tell the truth it's because that's all they have left. I find beauty in things that no one else will, and I'm very proud I have that ability. I have been changing, nothing seems the same anymore. Everything in my life is slowly coming together. I spend my free time cleaning, hanging out with the people who matter, and adoring my animals. I've got a huge family. I have to say, I like the chaos. Chaos is much more comforting than silence to me. If I'm quiet, it's not because I don't like you, it's just that until I've found common ground, I'm not going to say much.

c00ae524156bd0d2eb6fafe5707bd892.jpg1217473625-1.jpg Andrew is my heart. My first love, and the only person who knows how to piss me off, lol. He's in the Army and at times I really hate it because they always take him away from me, but I'm really proud of him. I'm so lucky to have him. He's gonna be a terrific daddy and husband.
2uf3bco.jpgarmyguy.jpgUntitled-2.jpg101_1262.jpgilovehim.pngl_189ac27c32614ecda37eb1ebb128baa9.jpgAvery Wyatt Sampman; the boy who made my life complete and showed me the meaning of true love.
I never believed in love at first sight, until Friday, September 11th at 5:01 am. I never imagined it was possible to love someone that I have never met, but he stole my heart at first glance. Every second I spend with him is pure heaven to me. He makes me smile like no one else ever has. He's my angel; my little miracle. He's perfect in every way. And I'm proud to call myself his mommy.