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Whoa! Really need to update this! The past months have been insane. I had my little dude in April. Everything was going well (except for the 9 months of morning sickness) and then all the sudden he was measuring big, loosing fluids, my blood pressure was going up and they induced me a little early.

Ethan Alexander was born on April 21st. I still stare at him and can't believe he is here now. After almost four years of trying, I really can't believe we did it.

A little about me. Been married almost 7 years now. Married my high school sweetheart. 1 little man, 1 dog, and 2 cats. I had a turtle but we decided to set him free at a pond in the middle of my sisters friends land. My sister and niece went back last week and they said he has met a lady friend and they was walking together near the pond (Way to go Cortez!). I don't have much excitement in my life other than my little man (and a turtles love life apparently).