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Well, I guess I will start off saying I'm 22 and a single mama to a beautiful and smart little girl. She is my whole world, and I can honestly say she saved my life. Her name is Ryleigh Jade and was born at 6:59PM on August 22, 2008 via C Section. About the time I got pregnant everything in my life was crashing down around me, and the big ending of that was my mom dying on March 13, 2008. Ryleigh being in my life (even just in my tummy) kept me alive and living and strong and willing. She is my all.

Sad to say, her father..ahem SPERM DONOR...and I didn't work out. Actually he left me for a 16 year old before I found out I was pregnant. But, that's a whole other story in itself. He currently is not in her life, and has only met her once..in court when I was filing for child support. She may not have everything in the world, and it may be hard to get the things she needs, but she has a ton of love, and plenty of people loving her. She is the happiest baby in the world, and I'm proud to say that. I was worried she would be "deprived" without a daddy and it would be hard, but it's actually been pretty easy. Stressful, yes, but nothing I can't handle.

My pregnancy was pretty easy, and I had barely any problems. Until the end. I had bad joint issues and got carpal tunnel syndrome, canal of guyon syndrome, and disk disease. It's hard to carry her around for too long, and being a single parent makes it super hard. My doctor has suggested neck surgery, but I can't get it until someone can care for Ryleigh, which will be never.

Well, I'm just looking for new friends! Whether it just be online, or maybe playdates in real life! Ryleigh needs some friends her own age, haha.