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I am Whitney. Here is MY story...
I was in an abusive relationship when I was 18 and a half, which soon (within 3 months) turned into me drinking heavily. That continued for almost a year...what a horrible year... By some miracle I found out in Feburary of 2008 (and immediately quit drinking and smoking) that I was pregnant and in May I left the a*****e and moved back in with my parents... There was a lot of back and forth and staying the night with him, I wanted my family to work so damn bad, I didn't care how much he screamed, pushed me around, and told me he wished I'd have had an abortion. October 7th 2008 I had an amazing son and named him Thomas Christopher. 2 weeks later I left him after threats and more abuse, and filed for custody and CS. 2 months later I met this guy on MySpace and talked for a couple days then I saw him at the mall and we talked all night. He finally met my son and loved him like his own.. 2 months later, on Feburary 5th 2009 we were married and I found out I was pregnant. October 1st 2009 BD gave up trying to make me miserable and signed over his rights to my husband, then October 6th 2009 I had a gorgeous baby girl who we named Avery Joanna. My kids are one day shy of a year apart, and they have the same daddy. DNA doesn't make a father, and you can't force someone to be a parent. Recently I found out that I am bi-polar, and I am surviving. I love tattoos and I have 14, sorry if you don't like it. I say what's on my mind and that is just something you will learn to deal with. I drive a HHR, and I love it. I am pro-LEGALiZE!