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Age 26
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Interest I love to read and cook! And my family is super important.
Kids 3
Due Oct 12, 2013
So, I have been a member on here for like 3yrs, you wouldnt know it cause my post count is so low! But I come and go. I mostly get on for advice or resources. Occasionally I leave a comment or two.
I recently married my childrens father. We've been together 6 yrs. And have had some serious rough times. In all reality, we probably wouldnt be here if we hadnt had kids. But we did, we are, and I love him. We have both grown and changed so much compared to when we were 18.
We have 2 kids, Haylie Jayden and Larry Jay III (poor kid). Working on #3, James Eldon.
I finished nursing school last yr, but had to quit working because of SPD. Im going crazy and cant wait to get back to work!
Im have a strong opinion, but I get totally turned off by these rude, pushy broads on BG. Sometimes these b***hes are ridiculous! I generally only discuss what I KNOW!!! So thats me, and a little about me....