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I found out I was pregnant with my first on Jan. 29th, only a week before my 27th birthday. Happy Birthday to me! I gave birth to Caleb on September 16, 2009 at 12:22pm. He weighed 6lbs 11ozs and was 19 inches long. He is a blessing and I love him more every day. Now I am ttc another bundle of joy so Caleb can be a big brother.

Mommy: Marion Age: 28
8741181967a11200242428l.jpgDaddy: James Age: 30

TTC baby #2. Landon Elijah or Caylee Elizabeth
foxfoxabu20090916_-17_Caleb+is.png 2hh3j1l.gifMY LITTLE PEANUT :D 9 weeks and 4 days old 02-20-09
8741181967a10279803601l.jpgMY BABY BOY!!!16 weeks and 5 days old 04-11-09
8741181967a10579450610l.jpg8741181967a10584461357l.jpgMy Little Boy is Getting Big! 27 weeks and 5 days old 06-27-09.8741181967a11144143271l.jpgMy Honey Bear!!!3 weeks old
01-26-09 - Purchased HPT
01-29-09 - Took HPT after having a very vivid dream that I took the test and it said "not pregnant." My dream lied to me! 6 weeks 3 days
02-06-09 - Had my first doctor visit and started taking prenatals. 7 weeks 4 dyas
02-13-09 - Found Baby Gaga.
02-20-09 - Had my first ultrasound. They changed my due date from Sept. 13th to Sept. 21st. The baby was 9 weeks and 4 days old.
03-16-09 - Beginning of the 2nd Trimester and week 13!
03-27-09 - Dr. appt. heard heartbeat 164bpm!! Gender u/s scheduled for April 28th!
04-07-09 - Heather had baby girl Hadleigh at 7pm, 8lbs 12ozs!
04-09-09 - Scheduled elective gender u/s for April 11th at Images of Life!
04-11-09 - Had gender u/s and determined it is a BOY!! He was 16 weeks 5days old.
04-16-09 - Felt the baby "pop" three times! Finally a movement I know for sure was him at 17 weeks 3 days. And he decided to do this on mom's b-day at about 1:00a.m.! 04-17-09 - First boy stuff shopping spree.
04-18-09 - Saw baby Hadleigh at 11 days old.
04-24-09 - Tuscaloosa, 04-25-09 - B'ham, 04-26-09 - Talladega, 04-27-09 - home bound
04-28-09 - Dr. u/s, confirmed Caleb is a BOY! Hb was 154 and he weighed a whopping 11 ounces!!! He was 19 weeks and 1 day old.
04-29-09 - Felt Caleb move ALL day long for the first time!!! 19 weeks and2 days
05-??-09 - Bought baby bed and changing table for nursery. Need to look up date!
06-08-09 - Painted the walls in the nursery.
06-10-09 - Glucose test, Caleb's heartbeat was strong. 25 weeks 2 days.
06-20-09 - Father's Day dinner w/mom, dad, bro, uncle Donald, aunt Sheila and grandpa. I bought a new rocker w/rocking glider for nursery. My aunt and uncle bought me a baby swing as my shower gift from Babies R Us.
06-27-09 - 4d U/S in Montgomery.We saw his cute little face!
07-01-09 - Dr. appt heartbeat was strong, he kicked the doppler probe. 28 weeks 2 days. 07-21-09 - Dr. appt. at 31 weeks 1 day.
08-01-09 - BABY SHOWER!!
08-07-01 - Dr. appt. 1:45
08-23-09 - Jamey finished the cabinet for Caleb's room!
08-24-09 - Cynthia made the bed skirt for the crib!
08-25-09 - Dr. appt. 4:00, first exam! 1cm dilated. 36 wks 1 dy, she felt his lil head.
09-01-09 - Dr. appt. 1:45
09-08-09 - Dr. appt. 3:15 - bp creeping up, found out I will be induced on the 16th!!!
09-15-09 - Go to the hospital.
09-16-09 - Induction Date! 39 weeks 2 days
09-21-09 - DUE DATE! :D

09-15-09 - Admitted to the hospital for induction.
09-16-09 - Caleb was born at 12:22pm! 6lbs 11ozs and 19 inches long.
09-18-09 - Brought Caleb home from the hospital! He weighed 6lbs 4ozs. Already trying to hold his head up!
09-19-09 - Caleb started pushing up with his legs.
09-21-09 - Caleb's first appt. with pediatrician. He had lost too much weightand was dehydrated an jaundiced. Had to go back to the hospital for i.v. fluids and the Bili Light.
09-22-09 - Caleb and I were released from the hospital again.
09-30-09 - Caleb lost his umbilical cord!!
10-01-09 - Pediatrician visit. 7lbs 2ozs and 19 3/4" long.
10-02-09 - Decided to try tummy time, put Caleb on his tummy and he flipped himself up on his side!
10-03-09 - J's 30th bday party. Took pic of Cal smiling while mom was holding him.
10-13-09 - Caleb is cooing a lot more now and he had his 1st REAL bath!!
10-15-09 - Used playmat for the 1st time - put him on his tummy & he rolled over!
10-24 - 09 - Caleb just looked right at me and gave me a huge smile!! Then he did it again like 5 more times! It was so awesome!!
11-11-09 - 8 weeks old.
11-12-09 - Pediatrician visit. 10lbs 8ozs and 20 1/2" long. Had his shots. He is making even more noises, using his hands more, smiling more, paying more attention to his mobileand hitting his toys.
11-13-09 - Holding his head up well enuf he was able to use jumperoo for the 1st time!
11-16-09 - Two months old!
12-06-09 - Caleb's first laughing session - while I was singing Christmas songs to him!!
12-07-09 - Caleb's second laughing session - during bath time.
12-30-09 - First spooned cereal feeding.
01-04-09 - Rolled from back to tummy!

Are you still together: Yes, we have been together 10 years as of March 7,2010.
Is this your first pregnancy: yes!!
When did you find out you were pregnant: Jan. 29, 2009, week before my bday!
Was it planned: It was a surprise and I was in shock!
Who was with you when you found out: James
Who was the first person you told: other than James, my brother.
How did your parents react: shock, then excitement
How far along are you:35 weeks and0 days! (Aug. 17, 2009)
What is your due date: September 21, 2009 :D
What was your first symptom: cramping and headaches, no fun.
Do you know the sex of the baby: BOY!! Found out on 04-11-09.
Have you picked out names: Caleb Ethan