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bunbunard20100323_-6_Lyzibella.pngfoxfoxard20080517_-6_Zaedyn.pngcatcatard20060808_-6_Devyn.pngI have been married to my wonderful husband for 12years now and wouldnt change anything. He is a Tech Sgt in the USAF. He is my bestfriend and love of my life(sometimes)LOL.. I have a daughter Devyn who is going to be 6, a Son, Zaedyn would is almost 4 and our baby Lyzibella who is 2.. We are now expecting our 4th on Decemeber 30th..This will be our last.. Im sad about that but it will be okay.. Our 3 other kids are so excited for their new baby... I think they are more excited than us.. It is still early but I cant help to get my hopes up.. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!! I know miune only gets better!