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"everyone sees who i appear to be, but only a few know the real me. You can only see what i choose to show , there is so much more you just dont know."

May your neighbors respect you,
trouble neglect you, angels protect you,
and heaven accept you

My name is Cassanrda at the age of 16 i was shocked to find out i was pregnant. I was still in Highschool and had just started my senior year, however i am PROUD to say i waddled my 8 day overdue- pregnant- butt across the stage and recieved my diploma.lol.and 2 days later (( June 28 2009))My beautiful Prince Julian was born. I do not regret anything. That is not to say that i support teens TTC. I am pro- choice but i could never go through with an abortion myself,Julian is the best thing that has ever happened to me.. i feel he is here for a reason and he is a true blessing on this world. He is the happiest baby i have ever known or met in my life and I am LUCKY to have been blessed with him. I do plan on continuing to college, i took ayear off to focus on my son.. but i will be starting college inAugust to become a daycare owner with my sister. I dont mind if you "random" PT me it doesnt bother me at all. I would love to talk to other moms, mothers of biracial babies, teen moms, or basically who ever. Im extremley friendly and i promise i wont bite:lol:

why can' t everyone just smoke like me?
just gimme a quiet place and lemme roll my weed
where ain't nobody in my business don't nobody gotta know
let all your conscious go and blow it by the O
I'm here but my minds gone

-Wiz Khalifa

6e6ff15628473145a5f33a8.pngi1bk08.jpgAll About Julian::::
* LOVES his mama and dada and is very attached to a select few others but still loves to meet new GIRLS lmao
* loves to eat just about anything
* 1/2 white && yes he IS 1/2 black
* looks just like daddy
*he is a huge flirt with particularly waitresses and cashiers .. no clue why but he always gets free things
*he loves to dance all the time, since he was very young hes been shaking his little booty
* favorite show:: YO GABBA GABBA ... drives mommy insane
*favorite ever food:: seems to be scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese or sweet potatoes:shock:
* green/hazel eyes.. and eyelashes that touch his eyebrows ♥
*he loves to cuddle when he just wakes up or when hes sick
*has always been complimented on for his "good nature"


5jC4m4.pngjust born : 8.3lbs 21.25in
5 days old: 8.6lbs
1 month: 9.6lbs
2 months: 12.5lbs 23in
3 months: 15.5lbs 24in
4 months: 16.5lbs 25in
5 months: 17.8lbs 26 in
6 months: 18.11lbs 27.5in
7 months: 19.5lbs
8 months: 20lbs
9 months: 20lbs 28in
10 moths: 22lbs
11 months: 21lbs
12 months: 22lbs 30in
16 months: 23.5 lbs 32.5in
2957dcy.jpg14y1s83.jpg305180_2109493455921_1203123522_32038950Even when the sky comes fallin
Even when the sun don't shine
I got faith in you and I
So put your pretty lil hand in mine
Even when were down to the wire baby
Even when it's do or die
We can do it babe simple and plain
Cause this love is a sure thing



Everything i need i find in you two