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I'm Rese. I met my hubby in 2004 and knew within 2 weeks we would get married one day. He proposed 10 months later and we were married 8 months after that. I was 24 when we married, but knew my family history was against us when it came to having kids. The only women in my mama's family to have one after 25 was an aunt and it took her 8 years and several miscariages to do it. So after 6 months of marriage we started TTC. Less than a year later I gave birth to an 8 lb 12 oz baby girl. She started out big and stayed that way! She looks about a year older than she is and is solid muscle. We decided to wait a little while to try for number 2. When we finally did try again in January 10 we got preggo on the first try! I was so excited and just knew it was a boy. Unfortunately at the routine 8 week u/s there was no heartbeat. The baby measured 8 weeks 3 days and I was 8 weeks 5 days. I have never had a worse day in my life. We started TTC immediately afterwards and 6 weeks later I was pregnant again. Again, overjoyed I called my ob and he had me come in for blood work. When I came back the next day he told me the pregnancy wasnt viable, my hormone levels were too low. This time he told me I had to wait a cycle before trying again. Next time around he prescribed clomid and progesterone and once again I came up pregnant. I'm a little more hesitant this time. I'm terrified of another m/s. I'm starting to get excited though. Even though we've had a few complications at 9 weeks and 2 days we saw the baby for the 4th time and he still as a beating heart! I'm not sick often, but just often enough to think everything is ok. Piper is constantly telling me she loves her new baby brother, even before we told mommy would be having a baby.foxfoxsrd20071202_-5_Piper+is.pngdev071pf___.png