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It is I again! 

My son will be 5 this November and my big baby girl will be 3 next month (August)! Time has come and gone. 

My son, diagnosed with PDD-NOS - Autism, is still having Speech problems. He went to a school in a different state.. the school we had him in the beginning was only a 3 hour class everyday. It did not help him. The school in another state was 7 hours long and was a 8-10 kid class. One of them i remember with down syndrome. HE DID SO MUCH BETTER. Don't settle for these programs that think that a few hours a day will help. It helped SO VERY LITTLE.

My daughter, was diagnosed with low muscle tone, is EVERYWHERE. Like her brother, climbing on everything. I think she outdone her diagnoses :) Her speech is amazing. I can't wait until school starts back up because i want constant help with mainly my son, but also to give my daughter the right amount of learning she desires. And i know she loves to learn. :) Hope everyone is doing well! Take care!

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