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I usually come here when I have questions or need to share things about my personal life. I don't have much of anyone to talk to without judgement.

My son, with Autism is 5 years old and going to a special program. My daughter was diagnosed with low muscle tone. And well.. I had a pregnancy that I did terminate. I knew i wanted to, but if circumstances were different, i probably would have had and given to other parents in need. I received the Depo shot and didn't get a renewal. I was having severe cramps that left me crying everytime. It did eventually get lighter, and the cramps may have been lessening. I did not get another shot. It was the worst type of prevention that I ever had. I do not feel the need to go through with having a plastic piece stuck up in my vag. So in early November, I was due for the shot which I have ignored 100%.

I've had "physical contact/pull-out method" with my SO maybe 3 times in 4months when I first got my Depo shot. The last one being around the 1st of December. During Thanksgiving, I got a gnarly cold sore ( i don't think I had my period during thanksgiving/ so that is late November) and my periods have been lasting for almost 10 days. I took a Blue dye test, it resulted in a BFN. You know what pisses me off more? That  I can be organized with everything else except when my periods are? Lets just say i had it last month.. lol :) Next and from now on.. blue dyes are not good at Early Detection only pink dyes. I just get worried as Christmas is next week and what would be more fun than having your period during Christmas with your family.