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Hello all!! I am a married mother of two, Keriyanna8 and Darren 4, and expecting a little one In Oct!! Looking to go through the pains of pregnancy with other Moms, either newbies, or veterans, like myself!!!!!

RIP to my Father, Robert Lewis Fultz, Sr. who passed on to the angels on July 17, sometime after 5 am...I love and miss you Dad........

Well, this pregnancy has been rough..its my third and I had WLS ( gastric bypass)15 months prior to getting pregnant( one would think that it helps, right?)
Since 30 weeks, Ive been stopped for labor 3 times, my Doc telling me that he didnt expect me to make it past 34 weeks..well here I am 35 weeks today (Sept.21) and she is still in there!!! I am dilated 3cm and 100 effaced at this point, so Im a little nerous about it all...Never had a preemie baby and really dont want one, no matter how done with this pregnancy I am!!! I at least want her to stay in 2 more weeks till, she will listen and if not, then, Ill deal with that as it comes...

Temari Lynn was born at 39 weeks, 3days on oct 21 2009, weighing in at 7lbs 13oz at 404pm!!!!!!


Currently will be trying for baby number 4!!
Hoping for a little baby boy! Well another one little boy....Stay Tuned!