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Hi guys!!!

I'm so excited to be back! My name is April and I have 3 boys. My older son who is 5 and my twins monsters that are 2 years old. I've grown a lot and beem through so much since I've been on here. I was 17 when I had my twins but through it all I've managed to get my education and recieved my associates degree in Science. I am now a Medical Assitant in a Orthopaedic Office and am doing really good with my husband and my boys. Its nice to look back at everything I've posted on here and can't wait to vent about everything!

When it was all fun and games for me! lol:DI.jpg?t=1240784681When my son was 1 year old..:P

l_bac035af18f2442e837aeda80fa3bcc7.jpgJerome two years old now!!:D

3/30/09 12:23am
I felt one of the twin's first kick!!

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