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Hello! My Name is Kristin, Ive Been Married for 5yrs now to my High School Sweetheart, Cory. We Got Pregnant with out oldest Daughter, Reagan was I was still a senior in High School. Being Pregnant while still attending High School was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I wouldn't take any of it back... Reagan has brought So much joy to our lives and has Changed us both for the best! Cory and I got married in Oct of 2006, and a few months later started trying for our second, After suffering a MC in March, we finally got pregnant again in Sept of 2007, and had out second baby girl Avary Grace On June 15th 2008, only 4 days after Reagan's 4th birthday. Our 3rd and final bundle of joy; Blake Lee Roy arrived December 13, 2011. Our perfect little family is finally complete!

My Husband Cory and I. New Years Eve 2011
167391_10150152713178696_642018695_81817This is Reagan. She was Born June 11,2004 and is currently in the 2nd grade! She loves School and is one of the top Readers in her class. She just got done with her 1st cheer leading Compatition, and This summer wants to do soccer for the 1st time. She is an awesome big sister, though a little snotty at times, is a wonderful, happy, HILARIOUS little girl!
387171_10150362536186697_633326696_87521This is Avary, she was Born June 15,2008 she is our Second Little Girl.... Oh, that Second Child... Always a hand full! She is completely different than Reagan! Avary is my Tough one, Always picking on someone twice her size, and at the age of 2, has already started with the eye rolling. Though she is a handful, I wouldn't change her for anything! She sure does keep my on my toes!

380926_10150412467086697_633326696_89102(This picture pretty much sums up their personalities!)168308_10150097939266697_633326696_67691

And Finally... Our 3rd and FINAL; Blake. He was born December 13, 2011 and is a wonderful, happy, alert little boy!