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Hi my name is Richelle. I'm a mom to my beautiful daughter Zoey Marie. I found out on September 11,2007 that I was pregnant. On April 15,2008 I went to a doctors appointment he said I looked like she would be coming on her due date. That day went a hang out with friends then stay up late that night cause she wouldn't let me sleep at night. At 9:00am April 16,2008 I got up to go potty go back to bed and my water broke. 6:33pm Zoey blessed me. Her dad and I are not together. He left when she was 5 months old. He comes and goes. She news who he is.
But we have a great guy in are life now who loves Zoey as his own. And is always there for his girls. Zoey loves him as if he was her father. One great thing he is not trying to take her dad spot or replace him but be someone she can go to to have that father she needs. We are trying for one more little one. Hoping for that little boy.
I have just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism (over acting thyroid.) They tell me that with it, it may result in higher incidence of miscarriages, preterm labor, low birth weight, still birth and other compliant. So my love and I hope we can get pregnant have a health baby and make Zoey a big sister. But if we can not have another baby we are more then completely happy with the little family we have.