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<img src="http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q30/wyangel/bgmommies.gif" />Hello I am a proud mama of three children. Two are living, and i have a beautiful angel baby. I have a son who is four, michael. My daughter Makayla who will be forever 5 wks old, SIDS stole her from me in April of 2010. Then my rainbow baby Matthew who was born aril of 2011!I married my best friend and love of my life , nick on 11/11/11. We just found out we are pregnant with twins and are due in sept!!! <img src="http://img.weddingcountdown.com/ticker/x47fz4wo.png" />
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*August 9 2010= got 2 bfp( at homes)
*August 10th=got two more bfp(at homes)
- Also went to my primary care provider and got my confirmed
*August 11th= Met my obgyn Dr. Clausse
*August 27th=Had my first ultrasound.
-dd is said to be at april 19th, hb was 120 bpm
*September 7th=Second U/S
-DD confirmed at April 17th 2010. hb was 185 bpm
*due date changed to April 12th
*November 2 we have a lil boy!
**Decemeber 1 felt strong kicks
**December 8th saw matthews hiccups and kicks
♥First Trimester:
1-4 weeks [ One Month ]= Done!
5-8 weeks [ Two Months ]=Done!!!
9-12 weeks [ Three Months ]= DONE!!!
♥Second Trimester:
13-16 weeks [ Four Months ]= DONE!!
17-20 weeks [ Five Months ]= Done!
21-24 weeks [ Six Months ]= Done!!
♥Third Trimester:
25-28 weeks [ Seven Months ]= done!!!!
29-32 weeks [ Eight Months ]= done!!!
33-36 weeks [ Nine Months ]= done!!!!
37-40 weeks [ Ten Months ]= baking!!!!

<b>About Mommy</b>
Age: 26
Is this your 1st Child: no 3rd

<b>About Daddy</b>
Name: Nicholas
Age: 26
Is this his 1st Child: yes

<b>Finding Out</b>
When did you find out: August 9th, 2010
How did you feel: Excited
Who was with you: first two tests was just me
How did the Daddy react: excited and in shock

<b>About the Pregnancy</b>
When is your Due Date: April 17, 2011
How far along are you right now: 8 wks 6 days
Have you have an ultrasound: yup 2 of them
Have you heard the Heartbeat: yes and it was beautiful

<b>Sex of the Baby</b>
What do you want: doesnt matter as long as the baby is healthy and ok
Do you know what you are having: boy!
Are you Happy with the sex: yes very!

<b>About the Birth</b>
Who is going to be with you: fianc