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What is there to know about me? Not much in all honesty. I'm Amanda, 23. Blessed with 2 beautiful little girls. It is far from being easy raising 2 girls as a single mother but there is not a day that goes by that I would change for the world.

4.jpg(Aviyah at 2yrs 9mos)

Aviyah Kaydence- She was born November 21, 2009 weighing 6lbs 13oz. In 2 short months she will be 3 years old. She is currently 41lbs & is 37inches tall. My little girl isn't so little anymore. She is so smart & has the memory of an elephant. She is very advanced in her speech & her knowledge. She can count to 15, she can count backwards from 10. She knows 17 of 26 letters & knows ALL shapes & colors. It amazes me the things she picks up on & how quickly she learns. This is mommys independent little sunshine :)

2.jpg(Ace at 4 mos)

This is my 2nd blessing Acelynn Danzea Rae. She was born May 24, 2012 at 1841 weighing 5lbs 9oz & was 19 inches long. She is my miracle baby, she wasn't supposed to make it here on Earth, but she stayed in for 38weeks & 6 days proving all of the doctors/specialists wrong! At 4 months old she is the biggest little ball of energy. She is always happy & smiling even when she isn't feeling so great. Acelynn absolutely adores her big sister.. she will watch her where ever she goes and when Aviyah talks to her she smiles the whole time.