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Due Oct 04, 2012
My DH and I found out we were pregnant in January. ( I took 3 tests) This is our second, and we are very excited! We are just hoping and praying for a good pregnancy w/ the miscarriage rate being so high these days, and the complication I had with our last one. ( I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 12 weeks)
I was able to lose 35 lbs throughout my last pregnancy, but unfortunately I have put all the weight back on plus some extra :( Not to mention the fact that I am pretty sure I have full blown diabetes now. ( I have been bad and have not been checked since delivering my son in May 2010.

David and I have been together for 9 years. We met at work while working the graveyard shift, and unfortunately we are both still working the same shift. He proposed to me in Saint Louis, MO on our hotel balcony overlooking the city with the big arch in the background. We are very much in love. All though we do have our disagreements and typical arguments, I couldn't picture my life with anyone else. We are super excited that our family is growing yet again! We are a little nervous though because we don't know how we will raise a toddler and a newborn. But I am confident that we will make it!

12/27- First day of menstrual period .
01/13- pretty sure I conceived tonight
01/21- BFN! Will try again in a few days.
01/25- Positive sign!
01/26-BFP digital! EDD 10/02/12
01/29- I have been very emotional all day today. I swear I cry over EVERYTHING!
01/30- Having some slight abdominal pains. (not too worried about it, as I know, some cramping/pain is normal) Scheduled my first prenatal appt. for 02/22..hoping all goes well until then.
01/31- First signs of morning sickness today. I didn't throw up, but I sure felt like I was going to. (Morning sickness with my first one didn't start until around 12 weeks..)
02/01- So I pretty much felt sick all day today. I couldn't even bend over to tie my shoes b/c it was hurting my belly. Hoping tomorrow is a better day.
02/04- On top of my other health issues I also have gall stones. Had my first gall bladder attack while pregnant today. Ouch! I can't take anything to ease the pain either :(
02/05- Gall bladder attack number 2. This one was much worse and lasted a lot longer than yesterday. I don't know what I am going to do if this continues. I should have had my gallbladder removed when I had the chance.
02/07- Morning sickness today (well afternoon for me). I actually threw up this time. Yuck!
02/22- Dr.'s appt. went well. due date is now Oct 5.
02/25-27- Constantly feeling nauseated. Dr prescribed Zofran, but it doesn't seem to help very much. I wish I could just throw up. I think I would feel better.
03/19- So I haven't updated anything in a while. Not to much going on. Within the last week or so my nausea has decreased quite a bit. I have my first U/S this Friday (03/23) I am excited to see my little fig and hear his or her heartbeat. I am hoping for a girl, but won 't find that out until May. We did pick names out though. Girl- Alayna Marie or Boy- Blake Thomas!
03/23- Ultrasound went great! The Dr. said he couldn't be happier with the way things are progressing! Baby's heartbeat was a strong 156 bpm!
04/09- I hope everyone had a great Easter yesterday! We had a bit of a scare Friday, some spotting and cramps. Went to the DR. and everything checked out fine! It was just a cervical issue. I have been instructed to take it easy until my next appt. which is on April 20th! Baby's heartbeat was beating strong at 162 bpm! Looking more and more like we will be having an Alayna Marie come October!
05/12- I am 19 weeks today, almost half way done! Still feeling sick at times, but not throwing up. More or less just dry heaving. I have been craving sweets and fruits lately. Still haven't felt baby move at all though. Also having trouble sleeping at night. Next appt w/ ultrasound on May 22! Hopefully we will be able to tell what gender baby is!
05/22- It's a boy! Blake Thomas will be here soon!
06/10- Blake has been moving around quite a bit in the last week or so. I still only feel the flutters mostly, but I have felt a couple kicks. My baby is getting stronger!


1st Trimester (12/27-03/29)
1-4 weeks = 1 month - Done!
5-8 weeks = 2 months - Done!
9-13 weeks = 3 months - Done!

2nd Trimester (03/30-06/30)
14-17 weeks = Done! -
18-22weeks = Done!
23-27 weeks = Done!

3rd Trimester (07/01-10/02)
28-31weeks = 7 months - Done!
32-35 weeks = 8 months - in progress!
36-40 weeks = 9 months!